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Veritas Lit vs Sonlight

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I little background first, this is my first year homeschooling and am trying to decide what to use for next year. I am currently using the MFW first grade for my 6 yo, she is doing well but she needs more. I am adding some read alouds and art too it now. I also have a 2 and 4 yo at home who are learnin letters and sounds with MFW K.

Well on to the question, I am looking at Sonlight and Veritas Press and trying to decide between the two. How different are the literature programs and it looks like there are RA in both, and VP has book guides that go with them. How are these at getting questions moving? I have been researching both of them and am having a hard time choosing? Please help. I dont like the LA in sonlight from what I am seen so I will probably use FLL and WWE, and AAS. There are too many options. Can someone give some insight, please!:confused: -Alana

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Bumping for you.


I was under the impression (but could have it very wrong) that the VP lit was for the child to read and the SL stuff (apart from the readers) was for the parent to read aloud.

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