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How do you type accents into something other than a Word document?

Nan in Mass

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Ok - I figured this out. If you have a keypad (grrrr - this is the part that was hard to figure out), you can use alt+# from a table. I have no keypad. If you don't, you can copy your letter-with-accent from the Character Map and ctrl-v it into your document. To find the map, you go to start - programs - accessories - system tools - character map. You can keep the map up in a different window so you can reach it easily. I think another option is to set your keyboard to US international, but I haven't experimented with that option yet. If you are in a Word document, you can go to insert - symbol. A table appears which tells you the keyboard shortcuts, most of which consist of holding down the control button while you push another key, and then typing the letter afterwards. Nothing happens until you push the letter.


So there it all is. We can add accents to our French conversations now, if we care to take the trouble. Or if we remember which way the accents face... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea GRIN. I need to be able to do accents in order to do online drills, though.

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I have my computer set up with US International. It's the one layout that's the easiest to deal with, when you switch languages on a regular basis. I still have the regular US layout,and I can switch between the two layouts as need be.


so yeah, é à and ç and ñ too and I can do ¡! or ¿? for Spanish too.

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