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TOG DE users, if you don't do a workbook, how do you

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have the students get their work? The DE workbook page at the beginning says you don't have to make a workbook, Marcia doesn't recommend it especially for rhetoric students.


So do they access your online DE and do the work from those pages? Seems this would work fine if they have a laptop, or at mine all day but otherwise a hassle.


Take geography, they would have to make a list of the places anyway, why not just print out.

For literature, there's alot of info on their student sheets I can see having to repeatedly access the sheet online anyway, why not print it out?


Thanks for your thoughts on this one.

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My Rhetoric student has his own laptop and he has TOG DE on it. It is working beautifully.


Last year, when we were using the printed version, I made a 1 page syllabus each unit with all of his reading assignments. I then printed out the SAP pages he would need on a weekly basis. If there were pages (especially lit. background) that just needed to be read, I let him read them from my manual rather than wasting paper by printing them out.


This year we did not print the "Frameworks" and "Poetics" documents either. He just reads those from his computer. He loves it that he can just grab his laptop and have everything he needs.


BTW- if he doesn't have a laptop, this may be a good time to find a used one since people may be upgrading for Christmas.




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