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Chris D'Lacey book series: Anything to worry about from a Christian persp?

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My ds11 has never loved reading. He, in fact, hated it. Lately, he has been devouring books and wanted to jump to a "thicker" chapter book. I am so thrilled he is reading. He chose the book called The Fire Within by Chris D'Lacey from the library the other day and hasn't put it down. At first glance, it seemed harmless...and we are fairly conservative about what we let our kids read. I read some reviews and this particular book seemed okay. But, the sequel, Ice Fire mentions witches and pagan rituals and occult-type imagery. That is what some reviews have said, anyway. If you were a Christian, would you let your 11yo read this? Please, no fights or debates...I'm not trying to judge anyone or whatever. I'm just concerned about this and want to make the best choice for us. FWIW, my kids never expressed interest in HP but we wouldn't have allowed it anyway. So, what can you tell me about this book series? AND, if there are offensive topics...what might I substitute for this series that would be more acceptable for us? Thanks.

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