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Singapore Grammar


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If you are in the US, I wouldn't recommend the 1st grade English books from Singapore because their English is not exactly the same as in the US. It works out ok for math topics, but not for 1st grade English.


From singaporemath.com:

Please note that British spellings and terms are used in this book.



For example, notice "shan't" and "practise" in this example:



I don't do grammar in 1st grade, but many speak highly of First Language Lessons.

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Has anyone used Singapore Grammar for elementary?


I'm looking for a 1st grade grammar curriculum, any suggestions???

I bought the level 4 Singapore Grammar workbook. It is British English, rather than American English, which I didn't think would be a big deal, but actually is. Not only are there differences in spelling, but in usage too.


My child wanted something more "fun" than Rod & Staff, which is why I got Singapore Grammar, but after trying a few exercises, she asked to go back to Rod & Staff. She also didn't like trying to fit her answers into the tiny workbook spaces.


So for me, it was a waste of $7.


For first grade, both of my dc used First Language Lessons. I thought it was fine. One of my dc continued with it through 2nd grade; the other switched to Primary Language Lessons partway through 2nd grade.

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