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reality check for capitialization in daily use

christine in al

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It's one of two things:


-He doesn't really know the rules for Caps

-He knows the rules, but doesn't really care if he get them correct or not


If it's #1, then I think the answer is pretty obvious.


It it's #2, then you and he need to sit down and make a deal:


You - I know you know to put a capital at the beginning of a sentence, use end punctuation, and capitalize names and other proper nouns (list whatever you KNOW he knows.) For this day on, if you make a mistake in these 3 (or 4, 5, 2, whatever), you will re-write the entire sentence (not fix his error, re-write the WHOLE THING).


Son - okay.


Here's the deal, though. You cannot bluff! You'll have to do this for a while until he FINALLY understands that it's way too much work to re-do his mistakes and it's easier to do it correctly the first time.



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DS9 is very bright, went to ps through last year, and STILL does this here and there. It does drive me crazy and I will again need to start making him redo the entire thing when he makes 1 mistake like this. That is what I did with his dictations from school last year and there was a big improvement. Chances are your ds is not detail oriented. My ds isn't.


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Ahhh...I do have the same child. DH refers to him as having a pass-fail attitude. This is something my dh and I aren't familiar with. It is a constant struggle. I told ds today after he made another captalization error that he will have to redo work from now on if it happens again. Brownie

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