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    SOLD ISBN: 0838828353 $42.00 media mail postage paid, ( insurance and other extras at cost) Never used, perfect condition, LOVE Wordly Wise, just skipped this level and started in 5, I'm not on boards much, please contact me at lcshumock@yahoo.com if you are interested in this resource.



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    SOLD $13.00 Media Mail postage included. ISBN 978-0-88092-226-5 please reply


  3. Christopher and Lincoln Collier. This series suplimented with thier historical fiction is our spine. ~christine in al
  4. but our local district has a reputation for strong test scores and rigid attendance requirements. I treated it as though my son was a transfer student, and mentioned to counselor it is like coming from another country. Different cultural expectations. I would NEVER have thought , " oh good, let's put you in to MIDDLE SCHOOL the last three weeks. I told friends, the only person who'd want to start school in midle school is a person who's nevr BEEN to middle school" But it has been a breeze. mostly because he desperately wanted to go and nothing was happening here academically.
  5. Lincoln and Christopher Collier for American History. I love them, characters speak from different points of view. Great for discussions. ~christine in al
  6. just looked at an AoPS video... short and sweet.. I'm liking AoPS .... If I keep in this direction,,,, ds is liking the computer aspect of KB... If we go with AoPS,,, I'll just have to convince my ds to "step away from the computer." Oh, ds will be folding into public school in 9th, and they use block scheduling... ( ARGH) , And they are VERY anal retentive about credits, as in anything we do doesn't count. so I want him to have the strongest skill base possible and the name of courses don't count. ~christine in al
  7. Can I have some help? I am trying to decide between these two. Anyone have experience with comparing these two? Here's what I THINK they are like Kinetic Books Pros. DIY interactive so has moving videos to demonstrate concepts only pre algebra I found that covers functions as such cons, computer so not portable DIY, I'm concerned I'll let this slide and just epect him to do it. I hope they test. AoPS Pros, text so so adjustment to textbook learning for future. sounds like balance of theory and practice Cons I'll have to learn this too and he'll need me to he
  8. my kids rebelled at going back to 3 letter words. SWR is ( IMHO) 1. needlessly complex. Learning curve WAY too steep for the instructor. 2. teaches that (y) does not make a long e sound.. that " baby" should be pronounced " ( something like) ba beh. AAS gives a long E as one of the sounds of y. 3. The sample sentences are sometimes political. Ex: "Everyone knows our taxes are too high". There is an activist flavor to many lessons. Another Example, In the abreviations for honorifics.. Mr, Mrs, and Miss. but no Ms. word lists heavy on Christian worship w
  9. compiled by Elizabeth Lodor Merchant is based on Sir Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur. The introduction is valuable as it covers the variety of versions. I think Morte d'Author is considered a standard and this is based on that. `````````` shoot, I was looking for ISBN and found that it's a Calvert book. J.G. Ferguson Publishing Co. Ebay?? ~christine in al
  10. Invading Afganistan for instance has never worked out for invaders... Alexander the Great.. Russians,,, British... on and on.. Long view seems necessary. FYI , author of Thousand Year War is strong libertarian. ~christine in al
  11. Painless Am History. good to know about. I may end up needing to come bak to that. He loves History and I think it's important, just can't do everything at the same time. I just bought a trad Gov book from Ebay for 4 dollars with shipping. We'll work on the mechanics ( the grammar of AM history ???) but will add videos to that. thanks a million. ~christine in al
  12. as stated in my monolouge posted elsewhere. I have been impressed with the non-calvert books Calvert uses. Houghton-Miflin Message of Ancient Days This isn't American History, but H-M may have good text for that as well. IF you want a text book, you may seriously check out thrift stores and Goodwill and Salvation Army. You may be able to find a jewel for just a few dollars. Also, our public library has a homework help shelf with all the books used by our school system. If yours does the same, you could put your hands on some textbooks and get ISBNs and look on Ebay . hap
  13. I love that we have this "place" For those of you who haven't been to a ( good) therapist, a good one basically listens while you sort out your own issues. Well, knowing that at least one person would read my post, allowed me to think through what I can do. I found an " Idiot's Guide to American Gov." on my shelf and am busy planning out ds' first 9 weeks of next year. Sort ed !! thank you. ~chrisitne in al
  14. next fall we are going to get back in sync. and do HO middle ages. ds has already started it, so while dd catches up, I want to give ds an american over view. Here's who we are: I will be using the Collier brother's Drama of American History as spine when we really do American, and the only problem I have with Hakim is the patronizing tone. Maybe a HS cliff notes kind of thing? Any ideas? TIA ~christine in al
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