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Good Things Really Do Come

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To Those Who Wait!


I have been looking for a book by Kathleen Norris for about 16-18 years. I first checked the public libraries for "Mother" - they did not have it.:glare: So I started checking the GoodWills and similar stores and scrounging around at yard sales - to no avail. I know the book has been reissued but I really didn't want to pay that *new* price for it, and I just wanted to read it, not necessarily own it.


A couple weeks ago, a public library not too far from where we live was having a used book sale. We decided to go. They had a table of very old, mostly decrepit, books that were marked *Free*. I spotted a book called "The Best of Kathleen Norris" - opened

it - and, along with "The American Flaggs," the first of the two novels it includes is......"Mother"!!!:D It also includes eight short stories, one play, and three essays. For as old as this book is, it is not nearly as decrepit as many of the others were.


So, patience paid off!


Now, someone tell me it was worth the long wait and the excitement of finding the book for FREE! I've never read anything by Kathleen Norris before! Don't even remember WHY I was looking for it - likely someone recommended it all those years ago....:001_smile:

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