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PAC's Integrated Physics and Chemistry

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I am looking into this for my VERY non-science dd. I really like what I see and it looks like it will work well for her.


For those that have used this...what have you used for labs to go with it?

Do you have any affordable suggestions?:)



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For my non-science student, we haven't done official labs with this course. I plan to save that for biology, mostly because he dislikes science so much.


I did get him an electronics kit for "fun". Didn't tell him that electronics is science. Also, we've done chemistry-type kits for "fun". He does much better with non-assigned hands-on science stuff than officially assigned labs.


Maybe let your daughter pick some things from the Home Science Tools catalog. I wouldn't even stress about "grade level." If she is doing hands-on science, she still will have experienced it even if it isn't technically a formal high school lab. I have found for non-science students that they absorb more this way than being forced into a mold they don't fit.



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Thank you Cindy. We have one of their catalogs. Maybe I will have her look through it and see if anything interests her.


Here in Fl, the graduation requirements call for 3 sci, 2 with a lab component. We had planned on doing some sorts of labs with biology. Although dd has adamantly requested nothing to do with dissection, unless it is a plant. :lol: But there is so much more to biology than just dissection. I don't think I'll have problems coming up with anything for biology. Chemistry was my challenge.


Thanks again!

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