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Cursive First Download

susie in tx

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I need a download for Cursive First. Even though I try very hard to keep all of the pages together, I still manage to misplace one or another of them. Does anyone else have this problem? I have a friend who will copy off the pages for me that I lose, but gosh, it seems like it would behoove the company to make a pdf product in addition to the hard copy.



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I wanted a Cursive First with the kinda letters that you write inside of... like Cheerful Cursive's....

I use it with WRTR and I found that Modern Cursive on the Startwrite is almost exactly the same. You just have to tell the child how to write the letters for it to look the same.... (like you would anyway) I went through and made sheets for all the sheets that Cursive First had... and it's great. I also made them a bit larger.... but not large enough that he's "drawing" the letter.


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