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It's official

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I am now officially a college student again. I just paid for my 1st course to begin Dec 1. (I missed the cut off for a Nov start date). I am taking History 224, "History of Canada to 1867". I needed this one for my degree, and since this is the exact time frame I am teaching my kids in history this year figure I would take it as my first course and stay 6 months ahead of them. ;)


Now to just wait for my books to actually arrive and to begin. I have 6 months to complete the course but plan on pushing myself to be done in 4. I am pretty excited to be a student again and so glad I have the option of getting my degree from home.

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That's awesome! And I'm jealous. :) What are you getting a degree in?


I am doing a bachelor of general studies applied. And then once finally done that will transfer to a 2 year Bachelor of education after degree and be a teacher. Even if I never get that far I want to at least finish this first degree as I don't have one. I have a college certificate for one program, and a diploma in another but have never gotten a degree. I dropped out of my degree program when I got pregnant with Austin, he is 11 now. This has been a long time coming.

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