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book recommendations for W.P. Sea & Sky

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I bought all of the wonderful chapter books that go along with Winter Promise Sea & Sky program. Problem is that my 8 yo is doing it along with my 5th grader, and these books are killing it for us. I've decided to set them aside for now, my 10 yo can always read them on her own & maybe we'll read one or two later. I would like to find some nautical/maritime/flight/aeronautical type chapter books that are more fun and easy going. Sea & Sky is such a massive experience, I know lightening up on the chapter books won't detract from all there is to learn here.


We have switched from 'Stowaway' to 'Island of the Blue Dolphins'. Which is for the same age group but seems so much easier to get through. Of course having said that we just read the chapter where the little brother dies, and my kids FLIPPED OUT :crying::mad: they were crying and angry that books and movies always kill...

I'm not even sure if they'll want to hear the rest of it.


So...any fun, adventurous, silly, informative, fascinating book recommendations (with limited death) would be greatly appreciated. :D


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