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Simply Spelling, Simply English(language Arts)...

Pat in MI

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I have been looking at the spelling, which looks very good. The other programs look good too. Anyone use these? Pros/Cons?


Hi Pat,


We used Simply Spelling for a few years and we all liked it very much. We went with a more conventional method for last year and this, but I have been tempted to return to Simply Spelling many times. It's very rich, yet simple. It covers so much more than spelling in that the children are learning vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation within their copywork and dictation, as well as memorizing beautiful prose, poetry, and quotes. (I think I just talked myself into again. lol.)


As for the English, I like the complete Simply Language Arts series for grades 3 and 4, but I'm not as crazy about Simply English for the upper levels. It's not broken up as nicely. We've never used them, but I have ordered them to look over as of this past year.


My 2 cents,

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YW, Pat. :)


I believe that the author would like to finish the series that way, but was overwhelmed with other work/projects when I emailed her with that question about a year ago. It wouldn't hurt to ask again if you end up liking it too.


Enjoy the books! They really are unique and beautifully done.

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