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Meaningful Composition vs. IEW based Medieval Writing


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I'm doing MC right now and look at the IEW based Medieval writing book (the one by Lori Verstegen). They seem very similar. Does anyone have experience with both of these? I'm thinking about moving over to the medieval one since that is what we are doing for history next year. But then again, MC is doing just fine, too! The only difference is that MC costs much more. Would I need IEW to do the Medieval book?

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I think I can help:


My copy of Medieval Theme IEW arrived this morning, and I have poured over it cover to cover. DD10 has had two years of IEW instruction in private school -- I have switched all three children to CW, but dd10's methods are IEW ALL THE WAY.....and she writes beautifully and effortlessly so I am not going to try and change her methodology.


I ordered Medieval Theme so I could see what it was like and take advantage of their literature/reading choices. You do not need an IEW background to use the Medieval Theme book -- it is, IMO, self-contained.


I am going to use IEW's Fairy Tales, Fables and Myths with my third grade twins -- who have had one year of IEW and are doing beautifully with CW now--- I read through that book as well and the fact that I do not have IEW experience does not seem to make any difference.



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