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Ironing mishap. I need serious help.

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I just spent over an hour starching/ironing my kids' uniform collars for their PGA performance. The collars are yellow! Dark yellow. I already threw them in the wash to get the yellow out and now I have to iron the shirts, too. I had them professionally pressed. UGH!


Anyhow, I have to turn the collar down an inch and starch/iron them. How do I keep them from turning yellow again?

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If it's only the collars that have to be stiff, I can't help you. However, if it's the whole shirt, try bottled starch. I have used spray starch for years until my ds joined Civil Air Patrol. Their dress blues for Color Guard competition have to be perfect. My ds takes his shirt fresh from the washer, dips it into starch and water in a bucket in the laundry room sink and then drys it. It irons up beautifully.


This weekend my dh needed his tux shirt. Usually it's sent out but there was a weird mark on it, so I did it myself. I followed my ds's routine and that shirt looked great in no time and no starch marks. Even with all of the pleats, it was easier to iron than a dress shirt with spray starch.

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