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Foerster's Algebra?

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I have never seen any online placement test. Foerster's, unlike Saxon, is primarily considered a school text book. You might, however, try the Saxon placement test, or any other placement test you know of to get an indication of dc's readiness.


We used Foerster's Alg 1 with ds, now in college, and we will use it with dd after completing a few chapters of NEM 1. I really, really like Foerster's books. I think they promote a high level of mathematical thinking. With ds we used Foerster's through calculus taking one year using Jacob's for geometry since Foerster has no geometry text. We did not finish the entire calc book, but ds was very well prepared for college calc. HTH.



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She's going through Saxon 87 as revision on topics she struggles with but we ordered that as our curriculum for this year and then she spend about two weeks on mindsprinting and finally 'got' fractions and before that she was getting about 5 or 6/10 on the placement test readiness for algebra 1 and now she's getting 8 and still revising a couple of topics in 87. So after that, we're stuck with what to use. She likes the large print and lesson numbers of Saxon though and I'm considering sticking with it but I've heard that most don't recommend it for upper-level math. Not 100% sure why though, DD loves it so far.


We can find other, cheaper curriculums though but I'm not very familiar with curriculum names to look up. I've looked up Saxon, Jacob's, Foerster's and Lial's.


Okay, I just looked up Lial's again and I might go out on a whim and order it. :confused: I've no idea! Oh, the curriculum choices! :D

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