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Our Saxon book arrived this morning but it doesn't have the answer key or anything beside the main book. We're already an entire month behind because it took so long to arrive.




:svengo: <--- this is just me all over right now.


I just had to rant, sorry.

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Thank you Laura, that's sweet of you. :001_wub:


We now have new problems - it's too easy for her.


She has to go over the stuff on circles & one other topic and she's done.


:svengo: So now I have to order Algebra I and wait for that to be delivered.

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I did. :crying: But she was lacking in the basics and the placement tests say she's ready for Algebra I now & will be fully prepared by the time our Lial's algebra arrives so we should be okay. You made me worry then! :D


DD's been getting an 86% average on hippocampus algebra though and has just got stuck on multi-step equations so it might be a good tool to find the difficult parts for her. She's been skipping the lessons and going straight to the tests 'cause she did lots of algebra in school so we're just finding the difficult areas and covering those so we're not going to be doing the whole book anyway, more than likely.

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