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Florida Homeschoolers...Home Education Week

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Tammy--it basically means that the Governor recognizes homeschooling as a viable alternative and he won't allow anyone to take away our right to do so.


That's the one and only thing I liked about Crist--he supports homeschooling completely, while recognizing the public schools--he really does play the two well--he supports the NEA and caters to them, but then stands up to them when they try to interfere with homeschooling telling them, in essence, "Homeschooling is a viable alternative, back off".


It helps when he does this because ever year the NEA does try to end homeschooling(more so than the California thing). And every year, the NEA gets shot down by him (and even Jeb did so, much as I hate to admit it.. in fact, the governor before Jeb did so as well, but I wasn't homeschooling then).


Now the NEA, as a whole, is not a bad organization--they protect teachers from getting shafted with pay cuts, etc... they are the Teacher's Union. But unlike organizations like HSLDA--who claim to be working for all homeschoolers-- the NEA really does only work for the teachers. They don't get involved in legislation that doesn't directly affect their teachers--even when it comes to homeschooling. They just gripe about homeschoolers and when the Governor tells them to sod off, they listen.



I need to add that this comes as no surprise to me because we have an actual lobbyist in Tallahassee who works for the homeschoolers in the state. She was instrumental in getting homeschooling actually put on the law books and she wrote the "rules" herself. I've only met her once, but I know she has done some amazing work for us.



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