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CLE Math Placement

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I am switching my daughter from MUS Beta(finished the book) to CLE math. She hasn't had any multiplication at all. We are working on knowing our addition and subtraction facts better before moving ahead. So my question is where do I start her. She will be in third, but I noticed that their multiplication starts in book 205. Help? Do we need to start at the beginning at 200 or go ahead and start at 205.

If you liked the program will you tell me why?


Does anyone buy the addition and subtraction flashcards for $15.00?

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You need to start with the placement test. Period. Please do not worry about the levels. The numbers are only put on the Light Units for brick and mortar schools. The one thing I have learned is that CLE's math spans several 'grade' levels in one level of their math course. For example my daughter just finished the 400 level series in math. She wanted to go back to BJU math(her perogative not mine) and I bought their 6th grade math. Here only to find out that the 400 series of CLE math has covered most of what BJU has in their 6th grade math program(minus the last three chapters).So really CLE's math for 400 covers what you would find in a 4th, 5th andn 6th grade math program elsewhere all in one year.

Other math programs only begin with concepts that prepare them for multiplication for usually the 4th grade year.


I really do like the CLE math program. I think it is an excellent math program and even though my oldest doesn't care for the math program this was her best year with math by far. I wish I could convince her otherwise that CLE really is a better choice for her. I will definitely be using CLE math for my 9 and 6yr old this year.


The addition and subtraction cards for that level are highly recommended because they are numbered in a way that it goes with the math program. Otherwise your going to be trying to spend a lot of time trying to find the right cards for the right lessons. Even though I already have flash cards here I will be purchasing them to make life just a little bit easier. I believe when you reach the 400 level you can use any flash cards you would like.

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I definately found that the CLE math is very much ahead of many of the other programs. My mathy entering-6th grader is using 500 this year. There is a good deal of review and drill built in for those who need it, and if your DD simply needs help with multiplication and division I'd suggestion picking up a few of the "math rocks" CDs and DVDs and playing them over the summer under she gets the basic facts memorized. You can sit her down and show her that multiplication is really just a faster way to skip-count (at least at the early-elementary level.)


If after taking the placement test, she does well EXCEPT on the multiplication & division parts, you can have her work through the Math 301 Lightunit, it's a review of everything taught in the 200 level, and you can order their extra drill pages if you think she needs them. You can also just print out worksheets from the MUS site for her to work on multiplication and division.


When you cook, have her multiply/divide your recipes. This is especially good to do when baking cookies, because she can eat the results fo her math. ;)

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Guest lahmeh

Best of luck to you with CLE! It's the ONLY thing we have stuck with for math, LA and reading. I hope you enjoy it as much as we are! :001_smile:

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