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Theology of Classical Curriculum Contenders

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I'm a rookie homeschooler, with just one semester under my belt, but I've been a student in the secular and Christian realms all my life. I was attracted to classical education, and The Well Trained Mind in particular because of its academic/literary focus with a Christian worldview, albeit a subtle one, much like the book of Esther in the Bible which never mentions God's name, but his presence is evident throughout.


We are taking the summer off, but it has been my intention to stick with WTM when we start up again in 6-8 weeks. So much of the style and substance resonates with me, and our first semester (despite my lack of planning--due to the sudden transition to homeschooling) went pretty well.


However, I keep finding out more about other classical curriculums which apparently have a stronger and more overt integration of Christianity, and I'm wondering whether to explore other options, including unit studies (I'm a theme addict!) with a classical flavor. As I've searched the forum, I've noticed that sometimes people mention that they don't choose a particular curriculum because their spiritual beliefs aren't in alignment. I know that if I do enough digging, I should be able to find out what they're talking about, but it would be much simpler if others who've already done the homework could share their knowledge. So if you know the theological underpinnings of the following curriculums, could you please enlighten me?


Veritas Press Omnibus (VP)

WinterPromise (WP)

My Father's World (MFW)

Tapestry of Grace (TOG)

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I can comment on Tapestry of Grace and Veritas Press. Both of these are from a reformed protestant POV. I have used TOG for 5 years and am happy to say that I have not encountered any major theological differences. We are messianic, but I have Catholic friends who didn't like it.

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