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Talk to me about Nintendo DS.

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My son is 11 and I made him save up his own money to buy a DS. He saved birthday, Christmas, and allowance money until he had enough. I don't really know the difference between the DS and DS Lite, except for the obvious physical differences. The new DSI has digital camera and mp3 player capabilities, plus some games built in.


They are really durable, but I would recommend a case. There are also some sort of covers that you can buy that are sort-of like that Nerf material so that if they drop it, it's better protected. My son never bought a cover, and he has dropped his several times. It still works just fine but has some scratches on it.


The stylus and games are very easy to lose. The games are tiny, but very durable. We have washed and dried them (my son always leaves stuff in his pockets) and they still work fine. He lost one out in a friend's backyard and it was in the cold, rain, mud, wet leaves, etc. for about a week and then we found it. We let it dry out and it worked fine.


I'm not sure what to suggest for educational games, but the big hits around here are Lego Star Wars, Mario Cart, Club Penguin, and Transformers.

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forgot to mention...


Sometimes you can get bundles from Walmart, Sams, amazon, toys r us, etc.

I have only seen them on sale once, and that was right around Christmas, and it was only $10 or $20 less. They might have good deals now that the new DSI is the hot item.


If you have a Game Stop in your area, that is a good place to get a good deal on used systems and games.

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