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DS10, who will be 11 in August has been using Spelling Power for a full three years. When he writes he doesn't make a lot of errors, but I suppose it may be because his word choice reflects his spelling comfort. Anyway, he took the ITBS a couple of weeks ago, and while we don't have our scores back yet, he did pretty well on everything except spelling. He stunk up the spelling test!


So, he likes SP just fine. DD8, 9 in August hates SP, but is a very good speller and did very well on the test.


I am open to a change of spelling curriculum, but if we do change, I want it to be something they can do independently. I'm also open to the idea of modifying our use of SP, and getting more consistent about doing the activities - we probably only do one per week.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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My oldest is mildly dyslexic, and it's really improved his spelling. I've always been a fairly good speller, and I've had a few "a-ha" moments about spelling rules as he's done this. My dd is a good speller, but I'm going to have her start this in the fall, because I like it so well.


It's independent for the most part, but you will occasionally need to dictate words to them. Nothing like the parent involvement of Spelling Power.

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