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Almost ready

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Well we are getting closer to being ready to start our homeschool path.


I just about have everything received or just ordered.


For both 9th grade kids:

Larson's Algebra 2 (text, problem workbooks, student tutor CD)

Larson's Geometry (text, problem workbooks, student tutor CD)

Writer's Choice Gr 10 (text, vocab/grammar/composition workbooks)

Glencoe Consumer Education & Economics (text, workbook)

Holt Lifetime Health (text, workbook)

Schaum's Outline of Logic and Rulebook for Arguments

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture

Duiker/Spielvogel's World History Volume 1 and 2

Beginning Piano Steps for the Young Pianist


For Ds:

Wheelock's Latin (text, workbook)

Norton's Intro to Computers: Computing Fundamentals

Hewitt Conceptual Physics (to order yet: text, lab, study guide)

Suchocki Conceptual Chemistry (to order yet: text, lab, study guide)


For Dd:

Campbell Biolgoy: Concepts & Connections (to order: text, study guide)

Benward Practical Beginning Theory (music) (to order yet)

Kamian Music Appreciatin (to order yet)

Italian program (still need to pick a program)


Pretty much the science and music stuff I am holding off until I know for sure we are doing it at home or if the twins will do dual credit at junior college. The computer book was cheap ($4.95 with shipping) so I went ahead and ordered it.


We are getting there!!!! And so far I have kept it under the budget, even with still needing the science and music.

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Looks great, good job! They'll certainly be keeping busy with all that! Best wishes for a great school year!


Thank you. LOL, I figure it will keep them very busy-LOL. Although I got two maths and three sciences... they are only expected to complete one math and one science. If they get more done then great. Ds wants to get two maths and two sciences done in one year. Figure it is up to him.


Also I figure consumer ed and health will be done at a slow pace to last the whole year... but they both are half credit. And the logic work will also be done slowly. Figure we will cover what we cover in that. And the world history and human geography are both considered one year courses but they will have two years to do it if they want to go slower.


So really it isn't so much I think-LOL. They want to do it all and we shall see...

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