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Latin, WWYD?


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I am needing latin advice for children in grades 9, 8 and 6. We started LFC A in August and only got through lesson 10, although I dropped the ball myself after only a few lessons and they did the rest on their own.


I have already bought LFC B for them for fall. I also have Henle, which is what I planned on using after we finish LFC C or switching to Latin Alive.


Would you restart A where we left off or back track and start over because I wasn't doing it with them and I am not sure they really got it on their own, or start new with Henle or LA because of their grades/ages? Or another option completely? LOL


If I do switch to Henle I would like to start it myself first and be a few lessons ahead of them, so that is something I need to consider as well.



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