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Help with Latin decision, please.

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My 13 ds, who is finishing up 7th grade, worked through Latin for Children A in 6th grade and Lively Latin 1 in 7th grade. I would like for him to have two more years of Latin, then move on to Koine Greek. I am trying to decide between Lively Latin 2, Latin Alive, and Latin's Not So Tough, although I am open to other suggestions. I've looked at Henle and I'm afraid the sheer size of the thing will scare him to death! He really likes the way Lively Latin has included history.


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I don't know about the other Latin texts--how they look, etc., but I DO like to support the folks that do the Latin's Not so Tough! Karen Mohs is a very personable person and answers questions right away. There's a Q&A section on the website that answers questions you may come up with. They're homeschoolers as well.

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If Lively Latin worked well for him, and he enjoyed it, why not move on to LL2? I don't think the other two programs you mentioned included much history, so he'd probably be happiest with that option. Also, he'll probably advance more if he continues in a program rather than starting over with yet another one. JMHO of course. :)

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