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XPost - Lab Intensive Science for Middle/Jr High

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(Cross post - K-8 Forum)


I’m having trouble determining if what I’m looking for exists, so over to you all for your words of wisdom …


Have any of you hit the jackpot and discovered a Science program that is overflowing with hands-on activity and brimming with engaging labwork for your middleschoolers / jr. high kids?


My son loves inquiry-based science. When there’s lot of doing, and oodles of inquiry-based labs to engage his mind, he’s in heaven, and it doesn’t seem to matter what science discipline he’s studying – it’s all good! For what it's worth, I’m more than happy to supplement a science curriculum that is chalk full of labs, but short on background/supplemental text.


Perhaps some of you haven’t necessarily stumbled upon science curricula of this nature, but you’ve found great supplementary resources that are full of lab activities within a science topic or discipline. If so, please, please share!


I’m not opposed to looking at science resources (and accompanying lab supplies) that might be on the pricey side. I’m able to dedicate a large chunk of my homeschooling budget for middle / jr. high science as I’ve already got my ducks in a row for all the other subject areas for the next several years.


Thanks, everyone!

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It's not everyone's favorite curriculum, but I have *completely* enjoyed teaching from PH's Science Explorer Life Science book this year. I find it chock-full of experiential learning activities, and have done a full dissection series with my 6th grade students--which they adored. I bought many of my classroom supplies at homesciencetools.com very affordably with great service (I am not affiliated with them!).

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Thanks, Lori, for your reply.


I've wondered about the Prentice Hall Science Explorer series for activity-based science. Unfortunately it's not a resource I can "touch and feel" because it's not as widely utilized in Canada by either homeschoolers, or public schools.


... (sigh) often U.S. homeschool resources are not in wide circulation here in Canada, so we can't get up close and personal with them. Yes, the internet helps (and we can order) and HS conventions display a smattering of them, but often we are going sight unseen, so to speak ...


Can you provide any insight as to why Prentice Hall might not be everyone's favourite curriculum? Are some texts within the series better than others?


Thanks for your insights,

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