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Greek alphabet code cracker along with latin? What about spanish?


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Would it be too much to add in the Greek alphabet code cracker next year along with the Great Latin Adventure? Also both kids have expressed an interest in spanish...are there any fun vocabulary based spanish elementary courses that we could add in once a week? The older two will be in 4th and 2nd grades next year (the 2nd grader will only be doing vocab from GLA.)


Just needing some thoughts from those of you who have been there! :D

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Do your kids have a Nintendo DS? My 8ds and 9dd are loving My Spanish Coach and My French Coach. I really want them to have a couple of years of Latin before we get serious with modern languages, so this has been a great filler for them. I think they also sell it for PSP and Wii. I'm also going to get them My Word Coach for vocabulary as a fill in when they finish Wordly Wise.

As for Greek Code Cracker, I'm not sure. I just got this for my 8ds, and I think it is going to be too much for him. He is a typical boy who is allergic to his pencil:) However, my 9dd picked it up and begged to do it. She is going to start Latin next year, so I don't know if we'll do both or what.

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