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  1. My mom did fill out some forms prior, but just their general forms, nothing autism specific. No teachers sent anything in. It's probably not worth it to seek a second opinion anyway. I think social anxiety probably is my bigger problem, even if I do have autism.
  2. Well, like the last half hour was telling us the results. I took one anxiety questionnaire before that. At the beginning we went through some background, family history type questions. I think my real problem was that he said I wasn't autistic literally five minutes in because I understood sarcasm.
  3. I'm a minor. Evals are mainly so that my parents can figure out ways to improve my people skills. Since I'm a minor, my mom comes to fill out forms.
  4. I had my evaluation for autism today. The whole thing only took like an hour and a half, and the doctor pronounced that I didn't have autism less than five minutes into talking because I can understand sarcasm. Does understanding of sarcasm automatically rule out autism? I had talked to two other professionals before, both of whom suspected autism, and they didn't seem to think it was disqualifying. At the very least, I'd say I'm close to autistic, so I guess I was surprised when five minutes into talking to me the doctor pronounced I didn't have autism because I could understand sarcasm. There wasn't even any testing, so I guess I just thought the whole thing was strange. Oh, and please don't quote, might delete later.
  5. I assume since they have not asked for a report they, hopefully, don't need one because my teachers would not be able to tell them anything. I've been in a virtual school this year and last year, so they don't know a ton about my behavior.
  6. That makes sense, but none of my teachers mentioned anything to my parents either. Even if my parents hadn't told me at the time (which I think they would), they would tell me now since I know what we are pursuing evaluations for anyway. I'm in middle school now, so I wouldn't know if anything changed in high school anyway. I think it is good that people are polite enough to ask if you are comfortable with the word being used around your son. I don't have an official diagnosis, and no one except family members knows we are even pursuing evals, so no one would be asking my parents about that.
  7. I have some questions about the diagnostic process of high functioning ASD in a younger teen. I have a preliminary diagnosis, and will have a full eval in less than a month. 1. Is a regular child psychologist able to make this diagnosis? And will someone who specializes in birth through 14, my age, be able to recognize it in someone my age who is also what I would consider a borderline case? 2. Is it possible for ASD to have had no affect on my grades? And that none of my teachers noticed it? 3. What is the diagnostic process and how long should it last for? I read on hear that it should be over multiple days. Is this still the case with an older child? 4. What would be the treatment if I received a diagnosis? I also have a social anxiety disorder diagnosis from the same professional who made a preliminary diagnosis of ASD. I just started medication for that. 5. Should I consider it a good or bad thing that my symptoms come off much more obviously when in a psychiatric setting? In my daily life it is not nearly as obvious. With the professionals I spoke to previously, I couldn't look them in the eye, talk comfortably, and I even started tearing up, almost crying! There's also the added thing of that this child psychologist I have an appointment with is a man. I, as a girl, am not very comfortable with male doctors. The other two professionals I spoke to were female, so I can't imagine how uncomfortable, fidgety, and unable to keep eye contact I will be. 6. I also hear on here that you should find someone who specializes in 2e autism or autism in girls. Is this absolutely necessary? Thanks in advance for any responses or information you can give me. While I do want to pursue a diagnosis and treatment, I'm also somewhat nervous and unsure of what to expect. Eta:7. I've heard on here that they need reports from people other than my parents for a diagnosis. Is this true? They haven't asked for that. I don't think I could get that if they needed it.
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