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  1. Thank you all for the responses😊. I am going to transition to Abeka as soon as we finish 3b....she definitely needs the repetition at this point. Praying that she will transition well in the fall into this school. It was certainly not in my plans but it really is the best option so I don't have to put her in school full-time at this point.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I should have clarified in my original post that yes she will attend the school in the fall but as a parent I have the choice to not place her in their math. Then I could continue math of our choice. During the time the students do math in the class the children that opt out attend a study hall where they can work on whatever material they have brought from home etc...
  3. My dd is 10 yrs old...fourth grade this year. Without going into any detail this past year has been extremely challenging due to family issues...honestly not sure at this point how things will end up. I am relying on God's strength and guidance otherwise I think I'd really lose it😞 All that said I've been slowly accepting that no matter what happens in my personal life I need to go back to work. We have a university model school here that is pretty standard...use mainly abeka and bob jone for elementary. NOT saying anything wrong with these choices but they will be a distinct change for her on top of attending school for the first time ever. I have applied for a teaching job at the same school (I'm a certified teacher...hoping that helps). Just in case you don't know about these schools elementary age attends Tuesday/Thursday and 6th up attend classes m/w/f...all complete the extra work assigned on their days at home. My biggest worry is mathðŸ˜. This school uses Abeka and we have been using Singapore standards. Amongst all the stress and chaos in the past year I feel my child that excelled with math is quickly falling behind....the school allows the parents to choose which classes the child takes so I can opt out of their math. Please give me some thoughts on math...I'm not feeling the love for Singapore like I did as mastery based she is forgetting concepts so I'm really considering what would still introduce the concepts well and provide practice with review. We are STILL slugging through 3b!! Here are my thoughts...1. Push forward with Singapore through 5b 2. Move into Saxon with Dive CDs....will have her take placement text. My concern is the amount of copying all the problems on top of the amount of work in other classes. 3. Get Abeka 4 now and start it as soon as we finish 3b...hopefully she will eventually catch up to take the class with her age group...if not we will do math completely on out own. Please give me advice!! I need very clear laid out instructions...math is not my strongest subject so to has to be good or have a CDROM like the Dive CD's.
  4. We have always used Singapore Standards with only one year in a different curriculum. My dd is an about to turn 10 fourth grader. During third grade last year it started to be more difficult for her to grasp the new material....I do think she is a bit of a perfectionist and gets stressed when concepts don't come easy or take more time for her to grasp. She gets very emotional (tears,anger) when she gets a problem wrong or isn't getting it after me going over it again and again. She says she hates math (this started sometime last year...could be from hearing other kids say it). Sooo... I'm seeing that although she can multiply and divide the mastery based ways of Singapore are no longer working well. She is not retaining some basic concepts by not having more review. We are moving slower through the material than ever before as I don't want to just move forward knowing she is not grasping concepts. I am also seeing her division facts are very slow and that is adding to her frustrations. Yes we are practicing them in a variety of ways. I am beginning to think she needs a more spiral based math...thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!! I do not want her to hate math and feel so frustrated that there are tears way more in the past year than ever😪
  5. We will be doing CTC next year as she really placed in Preparing but I already had Bigger...I called and they helped me figure out how to use Bigger so we could go to CTC next year. I am really excited as CTC looks really good😊
  6. We are using HOD this year along with CC. We have been in CC for five years so I will give you my thoughts😊. We are using Bigger Hearts since I already owned it and it does match the cycle we are doing at cc. My intent is to continue using HOD at least for the next two years along with CC. I have used CC as my "spine" in the past and that worked out great as there are a lot of resources to pull from and we concentrated on that particulars week history and science at home. However, ( in my opinion so take it for what it's worth😳), the history does move very quickly and it was more work on my end to get everything organized and then actually done. I knew this year we were going to be in the afternoon Essentials class so I did not want to plan it out myself or go so quickly. We are really enjoying HOD!! I just think of CC's memory work as another box in the guide. I do not stress about it matching at all...I can see at this point that all the memory work shows up in our readings and she loves seeing the connection and getting the bigger picture so to speak. Every CC community is different so only speaking from our experience....I have tutored Foundations the past 4 years at all different levels...there are some kids that know there memory work and you can tell the parents have concentrated on it at home and there are kids that know some of it etc....there is no pressure in our group to be memory master or to participate in any extra's ( field trips, end of year program etc). That is up to each family😊 When my next one is old enough I will definitely have him in Foundations but my intent is to use HOD at home the whole time. I can see that the first years (depending on your child's ages) I would concentrate on timeline and math while practicing the songs for the rest. The songs have really stuck! Having that timeline is very helpful in putting things in context as you go thru history. Honestly, I had my doubts about the whole memory work at such a young age and without a lot of context when she was younger but in the past two years I can totally see its benefits in our homeschool. I am not sure we will continue with Essentials next year (nothing to do with the program--family reasons) but after looking through Rod and Staff I can see how helpful the English grammar memory will have been for her. My days are so much more efficient using HOD and I do not spend forever on memory work...in fact we spend a good bit of time listening to it in the car...and it does stick😊 Hope this was helpful😊
  7. I was just wondering the same thing. My dd is also 3rd grade doing All Things Fun and Fascinating. We didn't start it until October but I have struggled with feeling like it could take over our day! I know we won't be done with the book at the end of May but I limit it to 30 minutes 4 days a week. Part of the reason we are not as far along as I would like is that we have spent this year working on her stamina with handwriting. She has never liked handwriting:-(.
  8. I was just wondering the same thing. My dd is also 3rd grade doing All Things Fun and Fascinating. We didn't start it until October but I have struggled with feeling like it could take over our day! I know we won't be done with the book at the end of May but I limit it to 30 minutes 4 days a week. Part of the reason we are not as far along as I would like is that we have spent this year working on her stamina with handwriting. She has never liked handwriting:-(.
  9. I am wanting to know the same thing. My dd is in Singapore 3A Standards and I am seriously considering going to MIF as I liked the looks of the teacher manual. Math is already not my strong point and I want to be sure I don't misteach or skip important info over the next few years. My question is same as yours...how do they differ?
  10. I am tired of making lapbooks and love notebooking...have any of you used a lapbook and turned it into notebooking pages? How did you do this? I want my dd to write more about what she learned...not just fill in a lapbook piece.
  11. I am going to use their writing lessons so maybe I should spend some time doing the writing lessons from book 3 before starting book 4? It sounds like the grammar will be fine for her at level 4. Thank you! That was helpful.
  12. My dd8 will have completed Shurley English 2 by May and we are going to use Rod and Staff next year. I am looking for thoughts on what level she should start in r&s. I have r&s 3 but after looking at it I am not sure if it would be repeating a lot of what she already knows. The only new thing would be the actual diagramming as Shurley only has them classifying their sentences. Would r&s 4 work for her? I have heard that r&s 4 is a step up from 3 so I don't want to overwhelm her. Any advice from those that have used eithor or both of these would be welcome.
  13. That really helps me make a decision:) I am planning to go to the teacher store tomorrow to get a copy. My dd will be thrilled to not have to do the R&S workbooks....
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