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  1. It's hard to find reviews. I found a few that were paid reviews and that's it.
  2. The other thing I'm think is, since I have an un-used core 1 sitting here, I should use it and then core 2. At that time, I'd have a grade 6, 4, 2 and kindergarten child and that would be when it's really starting to get more needed to combine. And I'd have 2 years to plan it out, lol.
  3. I've used SL core K, which I didn't care for. However, I really like how put together SL is. How it seems everything is covered. I like having a schedule put together for me. I do not enjoy planning. I also found too much stuff against our beliefs, such as evolution, at a young age. But as they get older, that will be less important as I want them to be strong in our faith and knowledgable about other beliefs and hw to refute them. I'm looking at TOG, simly because I have a large family that will hopefully keep growing. I really want my kids to be learning the same thing at the same
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm planning on using HOD in the fall, and they recommend that. So, I'm trying to ush myself to use it. But they reccomend Singapore too, and I tried and it was my shortest lasting curriculum by far. I ordered WP LA 3 for my DD. I'm just nervous cause I can't find many reviews on it. There's none at all on homeschoolreviews and I didn't get much of a response here. It's expensive and I'm scarred to end up with just another program on the shelf. I really don't like the looks of R&S, but with all the great reviews, I thought it must be great and I just need
  5. How'd you find it? I've narrowed myself down to WP, R&S and BJU. I can't find any reviews on WP LA though.
  6. No, complete curriculum doesn't go up now. I know there's BC and ON stuff at, I think it's called "Canadian Teacher's Store" If you're intrested and can't find it, I'll look tomorrow. IDK about other provinces. But ON has what each grade has to learn on-line. Mind you, it's so overwhelming, lengthy and full of teacher talk that I just don't bother. But I might for higher up. For highschool, there's a place on-line where you can get your full Ontario secondary diploma. Problem is, it's $400 a course. What do you need? 30 courses to graduate here I think? But even at $12,000, that's only
  7. I buy American curriculum. But my plan is, over the summer, to have them do two pages a day from "Complete Canadian Curriculum" Covers science, math, social studies and English. Just so I know they've at least touched on what is grade expected of them that year. I'd love to find a homeschool Canadian curriculum! Going to check out your links.:auto:
  8. I checked off about half those. Mine were different, gained more than normal with 1, but was underweight and normal with 2nd, high end of normal with 3 and 4. Some I put on slow, some I put on fast. #1 I was underweight at 112lbs. I gained 20lbs in the first trimester, 18lbs in the 2nd and just 3lbs in the 3rd. 41lbs total. (7lbs 14oz) #2 I gained 5lbs in the 1st trimester. 19lbs in the 2nd tri. and 11lbs in the 3rd. 35lbs total (9lbs 15oz) #3 I lost 12lbs in the first tri. Gained 12lbs in the 2nd tri and 12lbs in 3rd tri. 24lbs total. (8lbs 13oz) #4 I lost 12lbs in the
  9. We read our bible first. Then our group reading. Then we do the three R's.
  10. You're right. I probably could set the board up the night before and do it first thing. Since, I have both, what is your experience with sequential spelling? Tonight we were talking about spelling at the dinner table. She's happy she learned to spell 'bounce', so she spelt it and then said "So I can spell 'pounce' too" and went on to spell it. She looked really intrested in the DVD and she loves doing anything that uses the comp. I'm not sure which to use now. About the substitution, skipping. She use to say 'the' every single time it said 'a' for about half a year. She'd also switch t
  11. It's probably not that the program wont work. It's just so teacher intensive. I've also got a 6, 4 and 1 yo. I just never end up getting to it.
  12. We tried SS back in grade 1. I didn't know you weren't suppose to do level 1 in grade 1. Even now though, I know 25 words a day would be too much. I still have it. I should try doing half a lesson a day or something. I know she's VSL. Someone told me about that on here before. I sat at the computer with tears streaming down my face because it described her so well. She's beautiful, creative and bright. If I can just unlock the door for her. Once she gets it, she gets it. But getting her to get it is REALLY difficult. I'll look into the other suggestions too. Thanks you. Any ideas f
  13. My 8yo, 3rd grader just doesn't do well with LA it seems. I know though, if I can find the right curriculum, I can reach her. We've tried SL, McRuffy's, WWE, AAS, LLATL, Growing with grammar. IDK what to try next! Any ideas? Here's some more about her: We struggled for years to find the right math and to teach her how to readd. We were thinking perhaps she had an LD or was dyslexic. Mid grade 2, it was like a switch flipped and all of a sudden, she could read. Anything and everything. Math had been a struggle and often left both of us in tears. She just didn't get it. Pages we
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