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  1. It's hard to find reviews. I found a few that were paid reviews and that's it. (originally posted on the high school board, but since it only has pre-algebra and algebra 1 out, it probably should have been here)
  2. It's hard to find reviews. I found a few that were paid reviews and that's it.
  3. Thank you for all the suggestions! I went with Tree of Life. My daughter submits her work and they grade it and give feed back. I'm really happy with out decision.
  4. I'm mostly considering their LA for highschool, using only the lit anddoing my own composition. Any thoughts on that?
  5. When are you switching? I'm planning on using Shormann for my STEM kid. But, I don't think Algebra 2 will be released til spring. It goes through Calculus 2 when it's complete.
  6. Yes. I am in love with the TM's for their discussion questions and answers. Though, it's mostly English I really want to change. I just found out there's no help in grading writing assignments or literature. Those are the two things I'm struggling with most. I'm kinda looking for an English that's online or I can submit for grading would be ideal. But, I'll be happy with something like SL that has good questions and answers, but I also need something to help me grade their compositions.
  7. I've never used anything but a TM that requires no planning from me. Seems a little daunting.
  8. I'm looking to do something new for highschool. I'm not loving HOD. Slightly leaning towards SL, only because of their TM and student guides. I'm almost certain I don't want MFW. Anything else good? I definitely want a good TM that has lots of discussion questions and answers. Bonus if they have separate teacher and student guides. What are you using?
  9. Oh my gosh. ..now they want DIVE. I'm going to cry. How do I choose? My hesitation with DIVE is, how do they cram 2 years of Apologia in 1 year of DIVE? Is DIVE over the top thorougo and insanely hard? Or does it just not cover everything? I hear DIVE is boring. But I hear it has better labs. Ahhh! How do I choose?
  10. Which science and math do you recommend Debbie? I too was looking at DIVE, but went over DIVE and Apologia with the kids. Both really want Apologia. My oldest doesn't know what she wants to do, but maybe something with animals. My 2nd wants into robotics.
  11. Could you do it online through the province? If that's an option for you.
  12. You might want to checkout their FB group. I've bought it, but won't start til Sept.
  13. I'd BUY the videos for BJU, but, I can't really afford to subscribe over and over.
  14. Thanks! I think I still like DIVE best and they like Apologia. My oldest wants no video and my 2nd wants a teacher to look at, not just a voice.
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