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  1. Singapore Math, which you did mention - but make sure you recommend the Standards Edition. It's more rigorousr than the US Edition. Latin for Children is good, as is Latin Alive. More than the actual curriculum and literature book lists (which are essential and to which I still refer regularly), TWTM reassured me that I *can* homeschool. Don't change any of that. But people who are newbies and are literal learners think they have to do it EXACTLY like the curriculum is written - let them know that they need to relax. Their kids will go to college even if Mom has to dictate the passage 5 times instead of 3, as the curriculum instructs. You have helped me learn this in the many in-person and online seminars you've conducted (my eldest is going into his senior year, so I'm still trudging behind on all the trails you've blazed).
  2. I don't know if this counts as what you're looking for, but here's our story. I homeschooled my eldest only through middle school; he was in a classical Christian school before that. Additionally, he took an Omnibus class from Veritas press in 7th grade. We put him in a (different) school for high school for myriad reasons. He's our future engineer and is receiving a quality STEM education, but I'm not entirely pleased with the humanities program at his school. (It was very hard for me to let go of that when he left homeschooling, because I'm a humanities girl. Let me focus on history, writing, and literature, and I'll be happy for eternity. But I know he won't ever write a paper or study history in his future unless he has to; hopefully he'll continue to read quality literature.) His school is a fairly rigorous, private, college-prep school, where an 85 is a C. So you'd expect that the level of education would be excellent across the least *I* did. The required reading during the school year at this school is not bad...not what I would choose, not enough classics, but not horrible. He had already read some of the books required during his freshman year. But the summer reading books were rubbish - three years now, and they're rubbish. Pop culture or so tragic that we both felt mildly depressed after reading them. I finally spoke up this summer, contacting his teacher (Junior year), who is also the department head, because one of the required books this past summer was so full of profanity and filth that I could not, in good conscience, pay thousands of dollars for him to read it. She understood and suggested an alternative: Huck Finn. Which he read in 7th grade. So she and I got into a conversation about that book ("Huck Finn should be required reading for eveyone in the world," I said. "It's too hard for my Juniors," she replied. SERIOUSLY?!?!?). During his freshman year, I took on the History teacher, too. Everyone said, "She's a right of passage. You just have to get through the class." I don't think so. Especially not when I'm paying tuition. (Not that it should be OK in public schools, but when parents pay tuition, you're working for them, not the government.) She made things harder for him after I spoke to her (always a risk), but she was forced to give him praise when he earned the highest grade in the entire freshman class on the Candide term paper at the end of the year. The previously homeschooled kids we know who attend/attended this school have excelled for the most part, so the school is understanding that there just might be something to homeschooling after all. My son consistently receives the highest marks for grammar (when kids who've been educated from preschool at this school are failing). I was trained as a teacher in college and have never been afraid to speak truth to power. But in spite of that, I think it's been homeschooling that has empowered me by teaching me that *I* (OK, my husband and I) am in charge of my child's education. Not the school. Not the teachers. The other parents at the school don't seem to grasp that. I don't expect to change that school. In fact, we pulled his younger brother from it after one year and will not send his youngest there at all. But I will keep pushing through the next 5 marking periods until he graduates, fighting for the best education he can receive there (and doing my best to not embarrass him in the process).
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    If interested, please pm me, and I'll send you the cost for shipping. Smoke-free home. The Chocolate Touch – hardcover $5 Junia $3 March of the Penguins (The Official Children’s Companion to the Major Motion Picture) $2 The Wheel on the School – 4 cassettes - $5 The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms with Proof Texts $7 New Foxe’s Book of Martyrs $6 The Door in the Wall Novel Unit Teacher Guide: $5 Student Packet: $6 Together: $10 Adam of the Road Novel Unit Teacher Guide: $5 Student Packet: $6 Together: $10 Why, Why, Why Did Knights Wear Heavy Armour? – hardcover $5 Essay Voyage – Teacher Manual $15 Building Poems – Teacher Manual $10 Poetry and Humanity – Teacher Manual $10 A World of Poetry – Teacher Manual $10 Thanks, Becky



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    Sorry - I guess I don't quite have the hang of the updated website. Items are priced as marked. If interested, PM me with your zip code, and I'll give you a price for shipping. All items come from a smoke-free home. Astronomy for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave $6 Earth Science for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave $6 Rocks and Minerals – Dover Coloring Book – new $2.50 More Mudpies to Magnets – new $7 Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens $4 Life on a Coral Reef (First Sight) $2 A Trip to the Ocean (has an inscription written inside) $3 Thanks! Becky


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    From a non-smoking home. PM me your zip code if you're interested, and I'll tell you what the shipping charge is. Thanks! Becky Math: Math U See Delta – Teacher Manual, DVD, Test Booklet. I never used these, but I believe I bought them used. $20 for all 3. Singapore Math Standards Edition 4A Home Instructor’s Guide - $10 Singapore Math Standards Edition 5A Tests - The tests for Unit 1 are missing, but this is still an excellent resource for review. $3 Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems, US Edition, Level 3 – 13/126 pages have the problems solved. Still an excellent resource for review. $3 Dianne Craft’s Right Brain Multiplication Cards - $15 Language Arts: Junia: The Fictional Life and Death of an Early Christian by Michael E. Giesler - $2.50 The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling – hardcover - $3 Health: The Pyramid Café: Special Activities and Devotions for Teaching Nutrition Ages 7-12 – free Latin: Latin for Children Primer A: DVD ( I bought it used. If I remember correctly, there are some scratches on it.), Answer Key, Activity Book (31/106 pages have been completed) - $25 for all 3 Bible: Focus on the Family Heritage Builders: Proverbs Family Night Tool Chest - $5



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    If interested, PM me with your zip code and I'll give you a shipping price. Non-smoking home. Thanks!


  7. For all of you Virginians: I won a prize at the NoVA conference (yeah!), but we can't use it (boo!). We won 4 tickets to the Wolf Trap Theatre in the Woods on Thursday, July 30. The tickets are good for both shows (the first one starts at 10am). We live in DE, and just can't rearrange our schedule that day to make it work. I will happily mail these to someone who can use them. Send me a pm. Becky The tickets have been claimed. Have fun, Kathleen!
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