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  1. I have a tenth grade DD. She has pretty severe dyslexic symptoms. She reads at about a 6th grade level and needs significant help writing essay type answers. She also needs a lot of support to finish her assignments. I'm planning on working 1:1 with her this year and not assigning any independent work that will be graded. I'm struggling with how to grade her work. For example: we will be using Susan Wise Bauer's The History of the Medieval World and the accompanying student guide. Last year, I read the text to her and dictates the guide questions. The guide has four section per chapter, three requiring written answers and one is maps. She is still learning how to express her ideas in full sentences and so I need to coach her in order to complete those sections. I doubt we will finish every question. The map section may also need to be tailored as she is slow getting them done. How would you grade a student with these challenges? PDF sample of the lesson is here: https://welltrainedmind.com/p/study-and-teaching-guide-for-the-history-of-the-medieval-world-pdf/
  2. We are starting our 10 year homeschooling in the fall. I have a 14 year old (11/06/00) DD that has significant dyslexia, which effects her reading, spelling, and writing. She also struggles with a poor working memory that effects her math processing. As if this isn't enough to deal with, she also has auditory processing issues, which makes large group lecture learning very difficult. Like most dyslexics, she is very bright, creative, and a big picture learner. Over the years, we have struggled trying to follow the classical education sequence. Grades 1-8, we used SOTW for history. Here's my question: What would you guys recommend for her history in 9-12? I've looked at History of the World (I'm not sure how much of the activity guide she can realistically do.) and The Mystery of History (I really do not know very much about this curriculum.) If I choose History of the World vol. 1, what types of reinforcements would you use
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