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  1. I want something spiral because ds8 tends to forget concepts easily. I didn't love all of the copying in Saxon because he hates to write, so we went with CLE. I really liked it, but it was tears, mental breakdowns, crying all the time for him. I think the colorful pages might help, too. (I let them chose a workbook spelling on their own, and he chose BJ spelling because of illustrations and colors.) I'm terrible at searching this forum so if I'm missing all the posts on this one, feel free to fwd or post or however it's done here. Thanks!
  2. IMO, afterschooling has a lot of aspects of car school. get a good clipboard, and he can work on it in the car, rather than fighting over what to play on the radio. We listen to history and get a lot done.
  3. My kids are in a Title I school. Both were pulled out in K and 1st for reading groups. With Common Core standards and no child left behind, the way our school is adapting is to have a one hour Reader's workshop, another half hour of guided reading/interventions, and a Daily Five. My kids were always pulled out during guided reading/interventions. It meant they brought home a lot of blank busy-work sheets because they were working with a reading specialist so that they wouldn't stagnate. As far as how they identify who gets to be in these groups, they use the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment. Based on the kids' scores, they place them in an appropriate group.
  4. Thanks, everyone! I have a ds one grade behind so maybe I'll wait and do Latin as another "together" subject like history and science.
  5. We will be starting homeschooling next year. I have the year planned out with all the curriculum we're going to use, just trying to get an idea of supplies. I was flipping through WTM and BAM! Latin! Yikes!! I forgot all about Latin. So I was reading the Prima Latina description, and the grammar part of it makes me nervous. She's in second grade in public school. Last week was the first time she'd heard "noun" in school. To say she will be lacking in grammar is an understatement. I'm going to put her in FLL2 since it starts off reviewing rules from FLL1. I don't think she's ready for FLL3. My question is, can you use Prima Latina with almost zero grammar instruction? Will its grammar instruction throw off FFL used in parallel?
  6. Does anyone know of a list of acronyms for this place?
  7. New. Trying to figure all of this out.
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