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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a full text ESV Bible for my 4th and 5th graders. I'd like something that has some illustrations/contextual information/maps, stuff like that, but also that leans Arminian as apposed to Calvinistic. Any suggestions? One is a girl and the other a boy, and they don't have to have the same bible if you know of something that appeals to either in particular. TIA!!
  2. thank you for all the great feedback everyone! Definitely going to start at level 1 :thumbup1:
  3. another kind of question--what do I need at the minimum to use levels 1 and 2? If I have the cards for both, can I get by with just those and the TM, or do I need the syllable labels and other extras that come with the level 2 student packet? It doesn't seem like they sell the syllable tags separately.
  4. that helps a lot Merry! thank you so much!
  5. thank you so much for all the great info!!
  6. thank you for your responses! that does help. I have a 9yo whose reading at about a 4th grade level and has almost completed Sequential Spelling 1 this year. She has done pretty well with it, but she thinks it's too hard. Her 8yo brother is doing AAR2 right now and I thought of getting AAS as well for him b/c I've never done a spelling program with him, and I thought she might like to try it next year too, but I wasn't sure about the level. I talked to a rep at all about learning press who told me everyone should start at level 1, but looking online what it covers looks so easy. I am pretty sure both my kids could spell all those words at this point. My last child is just now learning to read CVC words so I'm wondering when to begin spelling with him. I already have the AAS 2 cards and the level looks better suited than 1 for my 2 oldest readers. If I do go with level 2 and skip 1 do I still need to get the level one cards? one last question-- do you think this program is worth the money? I've heard so much good stuff about AAR and I broke down and got it for my slow to catch on 2nd child, but do you think AAS is really much better than the other cheaper ones like Sequential Spelling?
  7. How important is it to start at level 1 if children have used other programs and are strong readers? and and what age/reading level would you begin with a child not reading yet?
  8. would you say one of the older editions would be just as good, or the newest is best?
  9. thanks, I remember seeing this at one time, and I know it's popular, a little out of our budget though. what would you say are the most critical parts of it that I'd need to buy? or do you need the whole program?
  10. no, just the readers that he's doing on his own. we tried some books from the library but they were frustrating for him b/c they would have site words or ones that he didn't know yet. At least w/ the readers they follow the phonics rules just learned, so there is a sense of accomplishment when he completes one. We do a ton of reading aloud throughout the day, but of course this is me reading aloud to my kids.
  11. So I have an almost 8yo boy reading at about a 1st grade level. He does improve incrementally, but it is so slow and painful (mostly for me). I've always thought that though he has always read below level that he was still in the range of normal, but now I'm beginning to wonder if I need to be doing something else instead of just being patient. My big long range concern is that we use Sonlight curriculum and starting in 4th grade (1.5 years from now) he will need to be reading at a 4th grade level to be reading some of the books on his own--otherwise I'll need to be reading those to him aloud, which isn't the end of the world, but not what I'd hoped. Right now he does a couple of pages of ETC (grade 2 level) and then reads aloud to me about 5 pages from a grade 1 A Beka reader. He'll do some copywork or narration sentence about what he's read after that. Are we doing enough? Should I require he read more than 1x a day? Is there another phonics book I should use? any advice appreciated!
  12. I find HP hard to "schedule in " too, but my kids all enjoy it so much! It's hard to pass on something that they don't even realize is an intentional learning activity when they think they are just playing games. I use it with Explode the Code and Bob books. The thing I've noticed though is if you have a slow reader (or one that needs more time on the CVC kinds of words before moving onto long vowel words) you may need to take a break in HP for a little while. This is what I've had to do w/ my DS. We just keep going w/ ETC 2 and bob books and will get back to HP in a bit. I don't have any experience w/ AAR, so I'm sorry I can't compare the two.
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