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  1. I was all set to order today, but then the sticker shock! Anyone know of a place to buy this curriculum used? It's a big commitment for something I don't even know will be the right fit for us.
  2. Do any of you teach multiple kids with one level of MCT? I've been considering MCT for my rising 5th grader, but am now wondering if it will work to include my 4th grader. I think choosing the right level will be a challenge...
  3. Thanks for the input guys! For writing so far we have done narrations of course, and also R&S 6. Plus he's done WWE as I mentioned. A lot of programs you all mentioned are ones I've not heard of, so this gives me some good research options. Can anyone tell me more about the writing instruction provided by MCT?
  4. I'm struggling to find a good fit for my rising 5th grader. He is very strong when it comes to all things LA, and reading is his passion! He wants to be an author. My husband is the one teaching writing. He didn't like WWE, so we are looking for something else...
  5. Yes we do 4 day- and not year around! Fridays are for chores, art, and Latin. Personally I think a lot of people just try to do too much! I can't imagine going year around...
  6. We've been considering MCT, but I still don't know if it's the right fit for my son. He's going into 5th grade, but has already sailed through R&S. He's basically bored. Reading is his passion, and we wants to be an author. So I want something challenging and stimulating for him. I need suggestions for grammar and writing. We've done WWE, and my husband didn't like it (he's the one teaching writing). Regarding MCT, we were thinking of putting him into level 5. Does this seem right considering what he's already done? Second, how does your day/week go in terms of implementing all the components of MCT? Do you do different components on different days? A little bit of each every day? We have both read through the layout provided on the website, but the question of breaking it down into daily bits still eludes us. Third, at level 5, how much parental involvement is required? Finally, I'm open to any other LA & writing suggestions!
  7. Ok thank you! That is very helpful.
  8. Thank you everyone for your ideas! I'll look into Human Odyssey for sure. And reread the logic section of WTM.
  9. Perhaps I misunderstood what SWB said...
  10. Ok, about how much time per day? And out of curiosity why are you skipping voyage?
  11. ...if you use SOTW that is. We've just finished the cycle for the first time. My older two kids (going into 4th & 5th) have completed all the levels. My youngest is going into 1st and hasn't heard any of them (besides what she overhead incidentally). So my question is do you repeat the books like SWB says? I've heard some people say it's "too easy" for 5-8th grade. But I really like the idea of having all the kids together for history because it's a lot easier for me than teaching the older two and the younger separately.
  12. Ok thanks for trying! Anyone else? How does MCT fit into your day? How much time, etc?
  13. Well... I was thinking Voyage?...He's done FLL1-4 and R&S 6 with no problems.
  14. I'm looking for something new for grammar/writing this year. My son just finished R&S 6 and he was so bored. He just gets it already, and I want something different, creative, etc. I really like how MCT includes poetry. But I can't seem to figure out how to use the program... Do you use all the components? If so, do you do them all every day? If not, what do you do?
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