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  1. He’s done almost all of his math with Chalkdust. We know Dana well. I’ll show this to him. Thank you!
  2. He doesn't have time for a full year class. He wants to self study so maybe we'll try that. He's in Calc BC now and thinks Stats will be easy. I wonder if we could hire NittanyJen to help with exam prep and tutor if he gets stuck? I'll wait to see if she responds. If not, I'll email her. I'll look at ALEKS too. Thanks!
  3. Here's the text of their email: Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Unfortunately, Edhesive will not be offering AP Statistics next year. A refund was initiated, and will appear in 5-10 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we wish you all the best.Best,SamanthaTeam Edhesive
  4. Three weeks ago we registered and paid but never received the course info or links to start. I emailed them a few times over the last week to follow up and see what happened. No response. Then three days ago, they emailed me to say they were no longer offering AP Stats and a refund was being issued. So maybe they just decided? Not sure, but they have us scrambling now.
  5. Does anyone have a good source for a self paced online AP Stats class that a self starter could do over the summer? He's mathy and I heard that AP Stats is pretty easy so I'm hoping he could finish it quickly. We thought he would do Edhesive but they're no longer offering stats. Apex is one option, but it's expensive. If we can't find a self paced class for the summer, he'll wait until senior year and do it with PA Homeschoolers. Just thought you all might have a different option that we haven't considered.
  6. My son just started the self paced class with the Halliday book as his spine. We'll see how it goes. So far he's really liking the format.
  7. Got it!! Okay, lots to think about here. I'll be going over the options with him this week. Thanks all!!
  8. So is the correct order Physics 1, 2, C?? He doesn’t want to be an engineer. He just loves all things science. He’s in Calc BC right now. What’s the right starting point for a comprehensive, rigorous physics overview with no college credit needed?
  9. Interesting. Who did they have as instructors? We were thinking of taking the PAH combined Physics 1/2 class next year but he’s already taking AP Bio, Lang, Psych and Stats. I thought it would be too much. Maybe he does Stats over the summer and one of the Physics classes for the full year? He wants to go pre med and major in Biology. He’s also a total math geek and spends inordinate and obsessive amounts of time on AOPs forums😂. He says he “must” minor in math. So maybe Physics C will scratch the math itch? Trying to figure all of this out.
  10. Is that just because he already went through Hewitt or some other reason?
  11. Well I wish I could promise success but it may be a crash and burn for us here. He’s pretty confident so I told him he could try. I figure, worst case scenario, we’ll call it Honors Physics and be done.
  12. This would be only for high school credit. His desire to post good scores is for college admission purposes. He wouldn’t seek college credit.
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