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  1. Thia, I did join the Facebook group. So, thanks for that tip!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. Much appreciated! Still looking for the "perfect plan".
  3. I feel like I do. Some subjects I need my hand held. History is one of them. I was surprised when I started reading the lesson plans. I'm getting discouraged and I haven't even started yet.
  4. Question...I'm using Abeka History for grade 8. The lesson plans are designed for a classroom. Am I missing something? Are there just basic homeschool lesson plans?
  5. Thanks! As I said, I had a list of requirements that I wanted out of a curriculum. Christian, accredited, somewhat independent, academically advanced, spiral, quiz/test based, and most of all appealing to my boys. I have high hopes that Abeka is the answer. I will check out the yahoo group. Again, thanks for all the input!
  6. I purchased the Abeka DVD curriculum for next year. I have tried Sonlight, Calvert, and a mix of other things. Nothing worked the way I wanted it to. I have a list of requirements I want out of a curriculum. I got my hands on all Abeka had to offer at our homeschool conference. I really loved it. So...I want to hear from those of you who have used it. Pros? Cons? Likes? Dislikes? How do your kids feel about it? Is it academically on par with other curriculums? Please share what you wish you had known before you started on this path. Thanks!!!
  7. Thanks for all the input! I love hearing from everyone! I am going to finish the curriculum. I am not going to use the teachers manual. I was hoping this would work long term, so I didn't have to go on the curriculum hunt for next year. No deal! Also, I use CLE math and LOVE IT! I wish I liked the other subjects they offered, but I'm not a big fan. I don't get how anyone does Calvert...each subject has an objective. introduction, instruction, and application. Do that for each subject for each kid...ug! My house would be a wreck and we would never eat a home cooked meal.
  8. First, I tried Sonlight. We didn't like it. I wanted something a little more independent and a little more structured with quizzes and tests. Next, I bought Calvert. We are a month into it. I love the academics of it. I don't like that I am "teaching" every subject to each of my boys. The subject matter is straight forward enough that they could do it on their own, but the manual is written to the parent. It's too much skipping around. I also don't like that the schedule is set in stone. If you miss one subject on one day...you're off. I spend more time flipping around, getting
  9. My biggest challenge is this...I sit down with ds and start reading his lesson. I get him started and begin with other ds. Either one ds is waiting for me to answer a question, or the other ds is waiting to be told what to do. Do you block out time for each child? Since every subject needs direct involvement, how do you organize for multiple children? I guess that's what my real question is. :confused:
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  11. For those who use Calvert...do you do it exactly as instructed or do you change it at all? I like the instructor's guide, but it slows us down. I know the curriculum is not meant to be independent, but I think it could be. If you will, please share with me how Calvert works best for you. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I ordered from Christian Light at a conference. They did tell me I could ask for "seconds" when placing future orders. If a light unit isn't in perfect condition (bent corner, floor copy at a conference, etc.) it is sold at a discount. You have to place your order by phone and ask if there are any seconds available. That's the only cost saves I know about for CLE.
  13. I would agree. TT must be somewhat behind...I was just surprised there was wasn't a bigger gap. KWIM. Now...if I could just get my other subjects running as smoothly...:001_huh:
  14. Last year (my 1st year homeschooling) was a disaster in math. My curriculum of choice was highly recommended and widely successful with many of you on this board. For me...a flop. After some research I found CLE (Christian Light Education). I started my 10ds in level 400. For those who aren't familiar, each level includes 10 "Light Units". Each light unit has 17 lessons including 2 quizzes and 1 test. Today, ds is starting light unit 407. He has gone from an average ps student to a math loving kid!!! I am looking ahead at high school math and trying to determine what courses
  15. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to make my decisions for next year and this is my pick for science...so far.
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