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  1. My 3 yo is ready to read. He knows almost all his letters sounds in both french and english and he understand the concept of blending. I am not aure how to proceed in teaching him to read without him being confused. Tips? How did you teach your kids to read in 2 language simultaneously? Thank you!
  2. No, indeed, I don't think his age is a reflection of what he did. He knows his numbers to the millions, he has worked with fractions, knows operations, and substitution with them (but with same denominator fractions) he knows the various laws of maths (distribution, commutative...) , he has worked with long division and multiplication, although he might need a bit more work with this. I have no clue as where this puts him. I know that in his grade level this year at the local public school,(2nd grade) they are tackling division and multiplication for the first time, and see briefly fraction from a basic point of view. He is way beyond that. And again, he hates repetition. I need something that goes fast. Singapore, is it manipulative enough? I was under the impression that it was a workbook based program. Thank you
  3. Would right start math work? He is almost 8 and out of a Montessori school.
  4. What is the best curriculum for that? DS is a visual, and he is very into maths. He hates repetition, and he is a whole to part learner. Oh and I forgot to say that anything on computer wins more points for him. he loves learning anything on the computer. Any recommandations? Thank you!
  5. Thanks everybody. I feel a little overwhelmed by all this. The more I read, the more I realise that I too, have many caracteristics of a VSL, although I didn't know. I wish my son's education will fulfill more then it did for me, but ther are so many choices and options, I just don't know where to start. I think he does have auditory abilities though, as he is able to use audiobooks, and will listen to the book intensively for an entire afternoon, and be able to recite it after. But this is not his favorite mean of learning. He definetly is a whole to part type of kid, he struggles with the easy, and has an easy time with harder material. Reading is hard for him, phonetics, although he has learned it while he was little, he still struggles. Any whole reading programs available for learning reading?
  6. We have finally figured out that my son is a VSL through and through. I have been looking for a while, and have also integrated some parts of classical ed with him while we were waiting for results, with some difficulties I admit. Can classical education really work for these kids or is the basis of this too auditory of sequential for them? Any experiences with classical ed and VSL? Thank you!
  7. Thank you all for your recommandations I'll check into LCC, and I'll go back reading TWTM Thank again
  8. So sorry, indeed, I should have added more informations DS is 7 yo, he is in 2nd grade. he has been in Montessori schools all his life. I tried to keep going in Montessori, but it is too demanding, and he is going too fast for the preparation I am able to do. We started Singapour Maths, and Some language material. Thank you
  9. Yes, I have. And that gave me a very good overview of the year, but I wanted something more precise to start from, for instance, in the first week, you talk about this, and do that memory work, and work on that math topic. Does this exist in some form?
  10. Hello all I had to pull out my DS from school at the beginning of the year. After many months of much needed deschooling, he is ready to get to work. I tried elementary Montessori with him, since it is what he is used to, but I give up, I find it is too difficult to implement in the home. So I am turning to classical HS, but I feel overwhelmed. I am looking for a curriculum or a program that would act as a guideline to start. I am not sure I'll enjoy having to follow a canned curriculum for a long time, but I feel I need somebody to tell me what to do week per week for a while to get us started. Would the material from CC work?(the foundation guide and history cards for instance) I would not joint a group. Anything else can be used as a guide/programm/curriculum for the weekly/daily stuff? Thank you so much for your help!
  11. As in "are you near the end of your homeschooling journey?". Sorry I might not have made that part of my post very clear. Sorry about that. (it was rather late when I wrote it);) I am very interested by what I have read in WTM. But I wanted to have a glimpse in the future of what a children that has been homeschool with this method "looks" like when he/she is almost through with homeschooling. I totally appreciate your replies! Thank you very much for these answers. missmoe: Your comment about the fact that there is not a one size fits all method of education is one of the reason for this post. Thank you for bringing this up, and reminding me again of this.
  12. I would love to ask you a couple of questions :) 1. Why did you choose classical education in the first place? 2. Are you happy with your choice / would you have done things differently looking back? 3. Why do you think this method of education is beneficial for your child? I am currently evaluating my options for homeschooling. I am reading WTM right now, and I would love to have real feedback from people who have been there/done that. Thank you
  13. Thanks for your recommendation. I'll look it up for sure :)
  14. Hello I am new here, and starting to use some of what I read in the well trained mind. I have been trying to find resources about the classical education in french, and they are not easy to find on the web. We are primarily french speaking, and I envy you guys for the amount of information found in the english speaking world! Any good book recommendations for the first period of the Ancients? About Troy, Homer, Iliade and so on? Thanks a bunch!
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