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  1. 14 minutes ago, MissLemon said:

    I thought I was doing a smart thing by creating an Amazon list for far-away relatives. Somehow it has only added more complication to the gift experience.  

    I have this issue with the grands. I put stuff on there for suggestions for my dad to get my kids but my MIL will buy ALL THE THINGS! I have to do 3 separate lists: my mom & sister, my dad, and my MIL. I have to make sure to only mention to DH what I want his mom to get otherwise she gets ALL THE THINGS! My kids can't stand it. She overbuys for birthdays too but Christmas is the worst.

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  2. It's cheaper to buy a hunk of meat to make into a quick meal than it is to get fast food for our family of 6. I use our pressure cooker for pasta, chicken, pork roasts, & beef chunks (we don't really like beef roasts). One of the best sites for inexpensive meals is Budget Bytes. She has some pressure cooker meals but not all of her recipes use it. I like that she breaks the recipe down into cost per serving. That really helped me convince my DH that buying more expensive (relatively speaking) ingredients is cheaper than eating out. The pressure cooker is basically a time saver, which for working folks does help save money as you can make a nice meal in a fraction of the time. There are other strategies as well, but it really comes down to planning.

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  3. One of the real estate gurus that we follow has a couple of things he does to help sort this kind of person out beforehand. He does a surprise visit at their current address to see how it looks. He always calls their references. Once he does rent to someone, he has a pest control company come out monthly to spray and report back to him on what the place looks like. That way he can catch a problem before it gets out of control. Good luck! When I was a teen, my sister & I had to help clean up an apt. I spent the whole day with a wire brush cleaning the soap scum off the shower walls and my sister spent the whole time trying to clean all the grease off the stove.

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  4. 22 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

    Additional info:  I have steel appliances (stove is steel with a black ceramic stovetop).  Would that look funny with the brown wood tones?  Perhaps grey- wood lower cabinets for a grey- white color scheme?  And in that case a different flooring.  Does butcher block come in grey?  Dh is wanting formica. . . but I'm a bit resistant. 


    We have white cabinets, wood floors, and stainless appliances. There was paneling that we painted and may eventually do a backsplash. When I was looking at "country style" kitchens there are a lot that have a different color paint or wood lower cabinets.


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  5. Do image searches to find what you're looking for. The only thing I would worry about it having a cohesive look with the different wood (counter, lower cabinet, & floor). We got our kitchen cabinets from a local builder supply place for a fraction of the cost from Lowe's. Our Lowe's quote was just for the cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets, an additional pantry cabinet, farm sink, granite counters, lighting, faucet, & flooring all combined was less than the quote for just cabinets. Shop around!

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  6. On 9/21/2020 at 6:45 PM, Tanaqui said:

    Well, until and unless she comes back we'll never know, but the comment said nothing about time. It DID say:

    and with the double exclamation point I think most of us interpreted her complaint as being about the exorbitant cost of $1 per tooth. I will go on record as saying that I don't think that's very expensive.

    Personally, I think that teeth are gross and saving them is disgusting. I wasn't complaining about anything just sharing what I did, an alternative as it were, without disparaging the people who "do" teeth and the tooth fairy. I'll share here that we don't "do" Santa gifts either. 😲

  7. As with the others, I have a wide variety of friend & family with differing views and we're still speaking.

    My poor DH though. He had a falling out with his parents in May. They have not spoken since and he used to talk to them at least weekly. He sent a gift and called his dad on Father's Day. No response. Every year since we've been married they have sent us an anniversary card, none this year. For his birthday she sent a card with a check but nothing written in the card. This is the woman who always writes on the entire inside and back of cards. He said it was like a slap in the face! Both sides are so stubborn that I don't know if there will be a reconciliation. I honestly don't care at this point as they have treated me like garbage since we first met.

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  8. It really depends on the area. We lived rurally before and the people who lived behind us, with a huge field between, would have jam sessions and practice one song over & over all night long every weekend. We lived in several subdivisions and always had issues with people and their dogs. Letting them run around, not cleaning up their poop, and the constant barking. We live rural again. The cow farmer next door is great. His cows came through his fencing onto our property, which isn't fenced, and he fixed it right away. We let our field grow and he cuts & bales it for his cows. I've only had to chase off dogs 3 times and they were all different dogs. Chased them off by just hollering for them to go home. There is a lot of big truck traffic on our road because of the chicken farms past us but it's not constant. Overall, we love living rural.

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  9. We finished up the renovations for the house that we bought last year. Had new windows installed in Feb, new siding, pressure washed, new shutters, & painted in April, and new gutters & downspouts in May. Had an above ground pool put up in June. Final bits will be building a deck around the pool and getting new exterior doors. So glad we decided to move in 2019 or else we'd have been stuck in the old house.

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