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  1. Thank you for the info. For some reason I don't see signatures when on my phone looking at the board, but I do now on my computer. It looks like your section for Foundations is during the time my daughter has math class. :(. I like that it is a complete English course. It is just what I am looking for. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you for the information! I do like that the Foundations class also includes literature and grammar. One of the teachers responded also. I am hoping this class works out, because it seems to be everything we need.
  3. Renaissance Mom, I am so glad you saw this and responded. I have not found a lot of info about the HSLDA classes on any site. I am glad to know that you give feedback, because the main reason I am seeking an online class for writing is to have someone grade and give feedback. I do have a couple of questions regarding the course. My daughter has little experience in diagramming, and I wonder if that matters with Analytical Grammar? I also would like to know, in your opinion, if this class includes enough grammar and literature to call it good for those subjects? I don't have any state requirements to worry about. I was planning on doing a separate literature course through another company, however it seems Foundations does quite a bit of literature throughout the year. If you don't mind, you can message me your name, so I can enroll my daughter in your session, if the time slot works out. Thank you
  4. Has anyone taken one of these classes? I am interested in the Foundations in Writing class for my 8th grader. Looking for recommendations for teacher as they have several different teachers for this class. I like that this class includes grammar, literature and writing.
  5. Thank you everyone for the comments! I will plan to start with just one language and see how that goes before adding in another.
  6. Thank you so much for all the resources. I will check them out!
  7. Yes, she is musically inclined. She plays both violin and piano. Also takes five dance classes. Just reading that makes me think two languages may be a bit much to add to her plate. lol. I think we will go with my first plan. Enroll in live online Spanish 1 for next year. We will see how that goes and if at some point it doesn't seem like it would be too much she can add in German.
  8. My daughter would like to learn both Spanish and German starting next year. I had been looking into one or the other. For German, we were thinking of using the OSU program. Spanish would be through a company with a live class. She is pretty motivated, but I am worried it would be too much. Has anyone done this? I know it depends on the individual. However, we are new to high school and have never learned another language. I appreciate opinions from veterans :)
  9. Has anyone used Classes by Beth? I can't seem to find much in the way of reviews for the classes. (I did search the forums, but really didn't find anything). There are so many options now for live online classes, but i keep going back to look at CBB. If your children have in the past or are currently taking any classes, I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks!
  10. I am thinking about using this for one of my children next year. I see a lot of posts/reviews regarding Algebra and up, but not much on the 7th grade class. Has anyone had a child take this class? This child does okay in math, but she just doesn't love it. I think she would benefit from a live class and being accountable to someone other than mom and dad.
  11. Thanks everyone. Wow. Looks like I need to start a spelling program. Her words this week are extremely easy: is, has, had, have, are. I know they are talking about verbs but those are just too easy, in my opinion. The hardest word she has had this year was "friend".
  12. Would you be willing to share a few of your child's spelling words for school this week? I have been a bit disappointed by the words my dd is bringing home from school. We have been doing a lot of math and reading at home and perhaps we need to add a spelling program. Thanks!
  13. I looked at AAS and thought it seemed like a lot of work! About how much time do you all spend a day with AAS? My dd is 6. She is a very good reader, but average speller.
  14. My DD is 6, currently in a private Christian school (1st Grade). We love the school and have no problems with the education she is receiving. However, she is currently having some issues and we are going to need to bring her home for some time. The school is using mostly A beka books with Saxon math. I have read many reviews on this board and know that a lot of people do not recommend the A beka videos. However, I feel it would be an easy transition for her using the same curriculum and also for us, having never homeschooled before. For those who currently use this program or have in the past, can you give an idea of how long the school day is? Is it the same as a typical 8-3 school day? The reason I am set on using a beka is that when she is ready to go back to the school, she should be at about the same place as her classmates. Thank you for any input.
  15. I have been using and printing worksheets for my dd from handwritingworksheets.com. I know they have print, D'Nealian (which we use) and cursive. You can change the line size, have starting dots, use a word or sentence, etc. It is probably not as fancy and extensive as Start Write, but it is free! I did go look at the start write site and it looks great as well!
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