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  1. No, you are not in the minority. Although I didn't quote the instructor directly, I did say something like "the instructor informed me that...." Of course, the admission people can don't believe me, but it's like if someone didn't say much but put a link there from some experts, even if you don't click on that link, you would think twice about doubting that person's words. Anyway, when I did that I wasn't thinking about anyone who might be skeptical of what I said, but it was just my style of referencing some third party in the context of what I was talking about. To me, it's just my style. :)
  2. I just want to say I so love these user names "Calming Tea" and "peaceful isle" :laugh:
  3. Maybe nurture can do more than "very little"... ETA: hopefully this exchange is not going to derail this thread :)
  4. I would just sell/talk more about the amazing focus! Urschel came to my mind when you mentioned focus.... f I’m thinking about math on the football field, this is going to get me killed. So that’s just survival instinct. And when I’m doing math, it’s all encompassing and I’m 100 percent in it, and there’s really nothing else to think about when I’m doing math.
  5. Kathy, you probably knew this already, but I just found out last night that the 2 seniors in the team will be attending MIT this coming fall! Yay!!!!
  6. Yes, in fact, being laid back/chilled is also a characteristic of my kiddo who had to go through some pretty tough times during competition seasons (I used the word "easygoing" in my CL). Maybe it is just a personality trait but I think being home-brewed might have a lot to do with it :)
  7. I'm not thinking along that line (appreciated or not), but this thread is getting weird :)
  8. There is nothing that quark should or should not do. Who's asking her to fabricate anything :confused1: It is a brainstorming session for quark, if you can't think/she can't think of an incident for your own/her child, then don't!
  9. A failure doesn't have to shape anyone, it can be a revelation of how the kid respond. The rest of what you wrote is Greek to me.... :) To quark, this is supposed to be a brainstorming session... ideas are ideas, take whatever and use it or none at all, it's all good :)
  10. 8, if you don't share it in the counselor letter, it might come up in the student's essay section anyway. IMHO, for a school with a "tough" reputation (difficult psets+tests & competitive classmates), it is good for the admission to know whether the kid has experienced failures and able to overcome them and thrive.
  11. IMHO, the thing about perfectionism is that it is too commonly used. I even read somewhere that pp considered it a humble brag :) No offense intended, regentrude.
  12. Oh and don't forget to talk about 1 weakness/failure. Could be the "fear" of contest Math or whatever. Give the background + reasons and how it was overcome or it need not be a handicap. Remind the reader that almost all successful people fail first before they succeed.
  13. Oh, you already finished your counselor letter? Anyway, you got the gist of it. HTH
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