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  1. Wow - this is fabulous! Thank you so much for all of the resources! Can't wait to check them all out.
  2. Wondering if there is an Algebra 2 course available on-line. Possibly one with an actual teacher that may do web-casts, etc. and that is available for questions. Thank you!
  3. Looking for on-line, hopefully interactive classes for my soon to be Senior son. We need Physics and Calculus and our High School co-op isn't offering it. He does better with a class and the accountability factor. Any ideas? Thanking you in advance!
  4. We've been using Teaching Textbooks and have liked them, but aren't too crazy about the Geometry. Very heavy on the proof side and they seems a bit overcomplicated. Any suggestions for Geometry? Thanks!
  5. Thank you ladies! I like all of those ideas! Now I just have to administer them! Should be fun - thank you soooooo much!
  6. Thank you Kareni! That's a fun one. I was thinking more along the lines of actually making a connection - common hobbies, etc. How to draw them out and connect them to the other kids.
  7. Any ideas of how to draw new students into the group at our High School Co-op? We have a few newbies that really don't know anyone and our co-op is quite large - probably 50 or so. The kids are all nice and no clicky snobby ones, but it's hard to draw the new ones in. If asked to come sit with others, they may respond "no" just out of shyness. I was trying to come up with some kind of idea to do with them over lunch. That is the biggest break and it's only 1/2 hour. When it cools off (we're in the hot south), we may be able to do dodgeball or something, but it's not a lot of time - since
  8. Hello Angela! Thank you so much! Those are both great suggestions!! Last week was our first week, so we're actually only up to who/which and starting on "banned words". I will definitely be using your ideas. If you have anymore, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again! Janet M.
  9. Hello, Teaching a Level C Student Writing Intensive course from IEW. Anyone have any good reinforcement games? We have a large co-op of 28 and would like to have some girls against guy teams, etc. Possibly race to the board to come up with banned words - that type of thing. Any ideas out there? Thank you!
  10. We have taken an SAT/PSAT Prep class with Jean Burke, of College Prep Genius, and she says to beware of any prep class that is not using materials directly from "The College Board". I am quite sure she mentioned Barons directly and stated not to use them. I believe Purdue is one of the others. They are not using the actual tests that your student will be taking. Hope that helps. If you google College Prep Genius - you may be able to find more info.
  11. I am going to be teaching an IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) to a High School class and would like some advice on a computer editing program. I will be proofing their papers, but would like to run it through a program as well. I've read that "Whitesmoke" has problems with bringing advertising into the computer. I was looking at another program called "Serenity Software", that only costs $50, but one review said it was complicated. There is another called "Style Writer", but it costs $150 and didin't want to put out that much. Are there any free or reasonably priced programs that actu
  12. I am going to be teaching an IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) to a High School class and would like to know if anyone knows a good editing type of workbook that we could use along with the course. I'm looking for one that actually explains the editing process - how to check grammar, punc. and cap., editing marks, etc. as well as giving some practice lessons. Not interested in editing programs that just give a sentence or paragraph to edit. Really looking for the instructional type. I'd also like some advice on a computer editing program. I will be proofing their papers, but
  13. Thank you Alyce! I didn't know about the free down-load. I'm checking it out! Thanks, Janet
  14. Hello! I'm looking for a simple and inexpensive (if not free) program to make a transcript for High School. I don't mind manually keeping records - so I just want something simple to put the transcript together. I've heard of Edu-tracker, Homeschool Tracker and a program through HSLDA. Does anyone have a preference of those choices or something easier to use, that's cheaper? I've also read about one's that keep the records for you for a fee ea. year, but that doesn't seem practical - we have two children - so I'd like to use the same program for both. Any ideas ladies? Thanks for any in
  15. Just curious if anyone knows of a very clean or preferably Christian authored book on Digital Photography? We are participating in a co-op that will have a High School Photography class and could use a book showing the fundamentals of photography - without nudity, immodesty or generally weird pictures. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!
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