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  1. has anyone used these? Did you use them on level or are they advanced?
  2. My son is an advanced reader but it still working on getting his writing better and I know MP does a bit of writing in their work. So my questions is for a young 2nd grader who has already completed his phonics curriculum to the end and is using All About Spellling which helps his reading would you use the 2nd grade literature guides or back up and use the Storytime Treasures & More Storytime Treasures as his second grade reading? I think he would find the Storytime Treasures to be more fun and engaging but I worry that it is not enough for second grade but I also worry that the second grade set is too much for second grade. I have also considered VP More Favorites. Any help?
  3. We did one for a young child like toddler with the thick books, some beanie babies, toothbrush, wash cloth with Thomas on it and I can't remember what else..Then we did one for a little older child and it had a beanie baby, toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, card games, candy, crayons, notebook, and ball. My older son made one for a youth with one of his favorite books, notepad, colored pencils, regular pencils, socks, pens, a card game,and lots of candy.
  4. I think every person is different and kids start liking the opposite sex at different ages. It has nothing to do with maturity some to do with puberty and a lot to do with peer pressure. Kids want to act out what they see on tv, in life, and everywhere else it makes them feel like they are living it up. My son wanted a gf at 13 and I told him he could call a girl his gf but they couldn't not date. That only lasted a month before they got on each others nerves. I do not think supervised visits or just calling a girl your gf would make things progress to the next level. I think the other boys mother should be more concerned about him going on group dates and to a girls house. He should be monitored if he is allowed to see her outside of school. His mom should be right there with them the whole time. My son is now 14 and has a gf and she has been with us to church and lunch. She goes with our family places but they stay in sight at all times. I don't think there is anything wrong with this boy for wanting a gf but I do think there is something wrong with his mother for letting it go the way it is. Her son might be the first daddy too. I also don't think there is anything wrong with your son not wanting a gf and I think you should be relieved. From a mom of a boy who really wants me to loosen the reigns and just let him go it is a struggle when they start wanting to date and you know they aren't ready. :)
  5. What apps do your children use? What kind of tablet do they have? Can they do anything school related on them in elementary school?
  6. Has anyone read the book and went to this type of lifestyle? I am thinking about it even though I LOVE pasta or maybe I should say because I LOVE pasta..lol Just wanted to see if any of you have any experiences to share.
  7. I chose Book Catalogue and so far it is awesome. I did have to download a scanner too it suggestion xying scanner or google goggles I think the google thing sounds scary with all the stuff it can do, kinda cool too but wow. Anyway, it found all my books and added them in. I was able to put in some homeschooling books I had in the attic and it has a line for me to put that it is in the attic so I know where it is, which was awesome! Now I can export the list and email it to people if they want to borrow a book and I can even put in who has the book so I will know where my book is when I want it back. :) I am in love!!
  8. Wow no one else does this? I might have to just try one out then and give a review. :)
  9. Does anyone do this? I want to get an app that will catalog my library so I know what all is there and can share or maybe loan to a friend and it will keep that data for me too. I also want one that uses a barcode. I have found two that do this but wanted to know if anyone else did this and what they use. The two I found are Book Catalogue by Evan Leybourn and My Book Droid. Anyone know anything about these?
  10. Great deal on some back to school stuff. This site has the draw write now and workbooks. http://deals.mamapedia.com/deals/barker-creek?ref_id=126507&utm_source=share_link&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=barker-creek&utm_term=126507&fbshare=1
  11. I have a first grader and we have the activity guide but I was wondering if anyone on here blogged about their experience with SOTW so I could see what others did. I am really excited to get started. :)
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