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  1. I'm breastfeeding my 12 month old about 3-4 times/day and 2-3 times/night. Just recently I started having pregnancy symptoms: tender breasts, fatigue, headaches, etc. Menses hasn't returned, so I have no idea where I'm at as far as that goes, but if I were to have ovulated and conceived, now would be the right time to start feeling these symptoms. Pregnancy tests so far are negative. Is my body just getting ready for menstruation to return? Have any of you experienced pregnancy symptoms but weren't pregnant?
  2. I was given a ton of scrapbooking stuff when I first got married (binders, paper, embellishments, ribbon, etc.). Unfortunately, I'm into digital scrapbooking and can't use any of it. Where do I sell it? I can't stomach listing every little piece on Ebay or something like that. I'd like to sell things in big chunks. Is there like a scrapbook buy-sell forum out in the internet world or something along those lines? Thanks for any help!
  3. Wow! Thanks!!! We both started out wanting like 5 or 6 (or whatever God gave us). Our first turned out to be a HANDFUL (SPD and a will of iron) Our second has been a little ray of sunshine, but I've been struggling majorly with postpartum depression. On top of that, my labors/births haven't turned out the greatest (longer than 24 hours each, one ending in hemorrhaging, the other landing the baby in the NICU) and dealt a heavy blow on me physically for months following. My heart yearns for more children, but I don't know if my body, emotions, etc. can handle it. Both me and my
  4. Just curious as to how others have decided how many children to have - How did you decide when to stop, when to keep going, or was the decision simply out of your control, etc.? Would love to hear your stories! (we're in the middle of trying to figure out what's next as far as childbearing (or not) goes)
  5. I've been trying to think through any changes, but can't think of anything different...except that we did put together a "therapy" room at our house with a swing, tunnels, balance beam, sensory toys, etc., but we haven't done anything structured with it yet. He has been playing with things in there though. Could that have made that big of a difference?
  6. To clarify... I'm just afraid they're going to look at me and think I'm crazy :(
  7. About a month and a half ago we started the process of having my son evaluated for Autism. Our first appointment is Dec. 29 for an initial screening. It's strange, though, that this whole past month he's made major improvements in behavior, speech, etc., and I'm wondering if autistic tendencies can decrease over time, with age/development etc. Until now, he has displayed many of the classic symptoms, and I have pictures, videos, documentation that scream autism. Others have noticed and recommended the same. Now with all of the improvements I'm wondering if I should even take him.
  8. Does anyone know where to find "permanent" birthday decorations? Something that we can pull out for each birthday. I'm talking cloth table cloths, hard plastic/glass/ceramic dishware, etc. Know of anything like this? Thanks!
  9. We used to say this in our family when I was a kid (I believe it's Moravian - we're not Moravian, but I'm pretty sure my great-grandfather was, that's probably why we said it): "Come, Lord Jesus, our Guest to be Bless these gifts, bestowed by Thee."
  10. Thanks! Esther Maria, you were so much help in the beginning with your critique and ideas! Thank you!
  11. Do any of you know if there is a website or resource out there that parents can go to in order to find out about the objectionable content (or lack of) in any given book? I'd like to know what my child is going to encounter before giving him a book, but obviously I wouldn't have time to read everything ahead of time. I guess it'd be something like the movie review website Kids In Mind. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for all the input you guys have given. Just wanted to let those who have been following this (as well as any others interested) know that we're doing a giveaway at our blog (1 hard copy book, 3 PDF versions). http://www.biblicalgreek4kids.com/giveaway-book1/ Hope one of you wins!
  13. It is a download that you can print multiple times at home. Good question!
  14. For those interested, I'm giving away 1 free hard copy (color version - $17.98 value) and three PDF versions ($10.98) value. You'll have an advantage this go-round, since so few people know about the products yet (in other words, you have less competition! :)). Hope you win! http://www.biblicalgreek4kids.com/giveaway-book1/ Oh, we're also offering a free shipping code for a week (ending Nov. 10).
  15. Oops. I meant I need beta testers for Book 2 - we've already completed our testing for Book 1 (and had wonderful testers!).
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