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  1. Online home education is a fantastic option but only if you choose the right provider. I would stay far from My Online Schooling as both children, parents and teachers are dissatisfied with MOS. A fair number of families leave MOS for other online schools including Net-School which is very much better. The turnover of teachers is concerning, for instance, my child had 3 maths teachers within the space of 3 months, 2 English teachers, 2 science teachers, 2 RS teachers (including one whose lessons were covered and I don't recall ever taught my child). As stated, there are other reviews on TrustPilot on this point and the parent run Facebook group (not to be confused with the group run & censored by the school) has multiple threads & messages about the turnover of staff issues. My own experiences are that this school should be avoided, my daughter has been damaged by the racism she has experienced from both students and teachers and the casual attitude to racism from the founder Tom Crombie, the Principal Euan MacLean and the Head, Emily Booth.
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