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  1. 53 minutes ago, BaseballandHockey said:

    So, the rumor is along the lines of “Don’t let your children play with (my kids) because . . .”  

    For kids who are brand new in the school community it’s devastating.  

    How would you address it, it it were your kids? 


    I read your post earlier in the week about your son’s reaction to lunch, and I’m going to use it as how I would reply.

    So, the rumor would be don’t invite those new kids, because their parents won’t let them do anything because they are scared of ….

    I would counter that by having your sons inviting others to do things that are in your family’s comfort zone or hosting events that are in your family’s or kid’s comfort zone. 

    If it is something like that, I would consider the rumor, if it was mainly true, to be folks trying to be  helpful. This way your kids aren’t required to explain why they are saying no to every invite. 

    In his early teens, my son once invited a Muslim friend to spend a night at his grandparents at the last minute. He made sure to tell his grandmother that the friend was Muslim and therefore couldn’t eat xx. My son wasn’t spreading rumors, he was making sure his friend had suitable food while visiting. 



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  2. 26 minutes ago, BaseballandHockey said:

    So, the rumor is along the lines of “Don’t let your children play with (my kids) because . . .”  

    For kids who are brand new in the school community it’s devastating.  

    How would you address it, it it were your kids? 


    I don’t consider that a rumor, I consider that plain mean. (Unless you are saying, I was told by a friend that someone told her not to allow her children to play with your children, because of xyz reasons. Since you know it was said to a friend of yours, you now want to know if this mean statement has been said to others.)

    I would address either instance similarly to how Fuzzy suggested. However, I would phrase it as asking her advice on what you should do as a new parent in school facing this situation and I would not ask her to do anything. She may volunteer to do something, but I would allow it to be completely her offer.



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  3. 2 hours ago, theelfqueen said:

    Well teen is a pilot... so umm flying isn't an issue. LOL

    I need to pay better attention to the name of the name of OP when I read a thread. I thought you were responding to the first post, and I was confused by your comment.

    I came to respond, and now I get it. Very glad that your pilot teen doesn’t mind flying.

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  4. 6 hours ago, BaseballandHockey said:

    So, if including my middle child in the count is seen as honoring him, does that mean that if I don’t acknowledge him I am dishonoring him?

    Obviously, this was an event for my kid’s class so the right thing is to defer to his wishes and he does want his brother acknowledged, so at school I will do that.  But to be honest, what I wanted to say was “He has an older brother starting in 8th” and not feel people’s pity, and know that my precious child is now the subject of the gossip mill.

    I get the feeling that people here would agree with my youngest that this was a betrayal.

    I went back and re-read everyone’s replies and I do not think people see anything you did/said as a betrayal. 

    Someone mentioned telling your son that, right now, it is hard for you to talk about his brother with strangers, and I agree that you have every right to do that if you wish. However, part of me wonders, if your son “needed” (I don’t know the right verbs) for you to be the one who “introduced” his deceased brother to the class/school. Everyone on this thread has said how hard that question is to answered for mother’s who have had a child die, and from my experience the same can be true for siblings.

    Plus, sometimes  kids can be weird/cruel/blunt. When one kid we know told a new classmate that his sibling had died (in the past), the new classmate responded, “No she didn’t.” How does a grieving kid reply to that? (That kid was younger than your kids, and I’m sure that played into that response.)


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  5. Ugh. I’m sorry. That is so strange to spend so much time planning and then cancel at the last minute.

    The only explanation in my mind would be if the minister changed during the planning phase and the new minister is not on board with the plans. (Not saying I agree with it, but I do know church programs sometimes change when church leadership changes.)

    Your mom is way more patient than I would have been in waiting for a meeting with the minister. I have been lucky to find ministers and churches who were willing to listen to my input.

     Im glad your mom has another church to attend that will be a good fit.





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  6. I agree with the suggestions you have been given. It will never be an easy question to answer, but having prepared answers will help.

    Which answer you give could easily depend on the situation, a random stranger who you talk to while waiting somewhere is different than someone who you will be crossing paths with frequently.

    I think the original post mentioned this happened in a school setting. In such a situation, I have friends who basically avoid answering the exact question. They would say, “Billy is in 6th grade here and Susie is in 9th Blah Blah High School.”

    I would also talk to your sons about how they want to answer the (sibling) question when they are asked. And to talk about their thoughts on how mom/dad could answer the number of children question. And whether the answer could/should change on the setting. 

    everyone in your family may not agree on how to answer thr questions, but I think hearing everyone’s opinions is always a good approach. 



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  7. I was recently informed that my high school student was a close contact to someone diagnosed with Covid. He was told to test within 3-5 days of the contact and that window was already open. 

    He tested that day at drive through and should have results today. 

    (The following is just how the school, which requires masks, is handling quarantining of close contacts.)

    He is vaccinated, so he did not need to quarantine by school.

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  8. On 8/31/2021 at 9:34 AM, regentrude said:

    Students planning on transferring often have unrealistic expectations about how the transfer credit will help them.

    I am the academic advisor in a physics department. I often deal with transfer students who took two years of gen eds at another college, come to us, having fulfilled all English, humanities, and social science requirements for the degree, and expect to graduate in two years. That is impossible, since the classes in the major are highly sequenced and must be taken in the right order. They still will need almost the full time (depending on math preparation) to complete their physics sequence, but have no non-technical classes left to balance their schedules. Often, they end up taking extra classes that are not required to bring their hours up to full-time student status.


    I would encourage any student who already knows that they will transfer to another institution to contact the advisor at the college they ultimately plan to attend, so that they can plan the best course of action.

    Yes, all high school students with DE/AP credit should look carefully at the course of study/class transfer table at all the schools the student is considering. I’m a visual learner, so I scratched out the classes that would not be needed. I then looked at pre-req’s for upper level classes to see what could move up. I then reworked the schedule to see what would work. (This is easier at schools where stem students start major classes freshman year)

    This allowed my stem daughters (pre-covid) to study abroad and/or complete a minor in a non-stem field. It allowed my performance major to add business classes when covid hit while evaluatating if he needed to change majors. (Right now the plan is to stay with the performance major and add a business minor or possibly even a business major.)

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  9. 58 minutes ago, Spy Car said:

    I assume @MercyA and her husband are not passive agressive and would not say things designed to make others uncomfortable.

    You, on the other hand...not so sure.


    Well, you are absolutely wrong about me. I have never said or done anything passive aggressive in my life. (Well, at least during the part of my life when I knew what passive aggressiveness was.)

    Just to let you know, I changed my original post before I posted it, because I didn’t want to make an assumption about your post. My post originally read, “anyone who has read Mercy’s sweet posts over the years would know she would not condone her husband praying outloud to make someone do what he wanted.


  10. 20 hours ago, Spy Car said:

    Was that an internal (silent) prayer or did he say this outloud?


    From The OP’s sweet posts over the years, I know she would not condone someone praying out-loud for God to do something about a situation that the person felt uncomfortable asking the driver to do directly. I would think that would be an example of passive-aggressiveness, not an answered prayer. 

    OP, I’m so glad that the prayer was answered.

    Your post reminded me of something I read recently. “A precise prayer gives Christ the opportunity to remove all doubt about his love and interest. Your problem becomes his pathway. The challenge you face becomes a canvas upon which Christ can demonstrate his finest work. So offer a simple prayer and entrust the problem to Christ.” Max Lucado 


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  11. 6 hours ago, Jenny in Florida said:

    Haven't spoken to her about it yet. I just noticed it yesterday, and my next appointment is next week. 

    Is the neurologist the doctor that hasn’t given  you test results? (Or do I have you confused with a another poster? Or the neurologist with another doctor?)

    no matter what I hope your appointment goes well and you are able to get some answers to these issues.

  12. 9 hours ago, Carrie12345 said:


    The garbage disposal thing will always irk me. We’re not getting one because of the septic. I know I’ve definitely heard people say that their septic has always been just fine with one, but that’s way too expensive a gamble for me. I’m already nervous about learning how efficient our new septic will be. Here, I know mine is just about the most reliable thing about my house, lol. It’s a champ! But every system on every property varies, so... 

    I grew up in a house with a garbage disposal and a septic tank. It was my parents first experience with that combo and they were nervous at first. They never had any issues. 

    We are a large family. We have lived in a house with septic and garbage disposal with absolutely no issues for a decade. We had the septic tank pumped twice in the time we have lived here. The second time was the summer and there was no mention of any issues due to anything we are doing inside the house. 

    My parents now have a vacation home where we stay with family and my siblings/family. That house is on septic and has no garbage disposal. We complain about it every time we are there.

    The only thing I know we do differently than folks not on septic is we don’t put egg shells down the garbage disposal. I have no idea wether that is a big deal or not; I just know that is what the builder told my family when he built my childhood home. I just thought it was a general garbage disposal thing until I asked my parents about it when I discovered my husband putting egg shells down the garbage disposal. (We we’re new homeowners in a house that did not have a garbage disposal.)

  13. 2 hours ago, athena1277 said:

    I have lots of relatives, including my mom, that live between Slidell and Baton Rouge.  

    I know a lifelong Californian who just moved to Slidell. A hurricane would be an awful welcome to Louisiana.

    Actually, Im hopeful they haven’t moved in yet as my family member, who told me this a few weeks ago, sometimes gets the details/ times wrong. 


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  14. I live in the US. I had a colorguard test last year.  I don’t have a primary doctor and I simply ordered colorguard through its website.


    +1 (718) 210-9716
    The results were sent to me via email (actually a link to see the results was sent.


     Here is what I received when I ordered the test. I’m guessing I may have spoken to someone when I ordered or that I had to answer questions online to make sure I was a good candidate. However, it has been a long year, and I don’t remember those details.


    Order N0P7SYBK2679P is confirmed! We are glad that you have chosen to take this next step in your healthcare and wellness journey.


    Next steps -

    • Prepare for the test

    Click the link below to access your order and review the pre-test instructions. If you have any questions, contact the PWNHealth Care Coordination Team at +1 (718) 210-9716 orhelp@cologuardtest.pwnhealth.com.

    • Receive, complete and return your test kit

    Please expect communication from Exact Sciences with further instructions.






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  15. On 8/17/2021 at 9:42 PM, Homeschool Mom in AZ said:

    It was always pointless and I think most Americans knew that, which is why getting out has polled so high for so long.  The problem is that most Americans are completely unreaslitic about what getting out would actually look like. There is no clean, tidy, safe-for-the-locals way to get out.  Getting out means leaving a place that has been plagued by religious extremism and all that goes with it for hundreds of years.  You cannot impose the needed cultural change away from religious extremism with a military victory, and you can't win militarily in Afghanistan. It's the ultimate sunk cost fallacy to continue to throw away future military lives in an unwinnable conflict. Are more service members supposed to die in the future because so many service members died in the past? 

    I agree with much of what you said about the history/challenges of the area.

    However, everything I’ve heard/read from servicemen who served there and families of servicemen who died in Afghanistan has showed disappointment that their service/death was a waste since Afghanistan was basically turned over to the enemy. 

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  16. 34 minutes ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

    I wonder if in ten years, Covid will show up in the Census numbers (through loss of people, employees, increase in disability etc.) or if ten years is so long that any changes will have evened out by then? 

    I sure hope that Covid will have no impact on the 2030 census numbers. 

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