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  1. English: WWS 3 (WTMA), Traditional Logic l,ll Language: Henle 2 Caesar (MPOA), First Form Greek Math: Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (KA) Science: Biology with lab (KA) History & Literature: Ancient Greece (KA) Religion: Introduction to the Bible (KA) +piano class and gym class 🙃
  2. I searched for reviews on WTMA Rhetoric class and found out that the class was good because of the previous teachers. Please share your experiences with the new teachers. Is WTMA Rhetoric still worth it? TIA
  3. I’ve decided to do Rhetoric l for my son. I hope it’s not too late, and TWTM Academy will consider another section.
  4. Hello, my son will be on 9th grade this coming school year. He had been with Mr. Hummel for his online WWS 1 and 2. Should he jump to Rhetoric l online or continue with WWS 3 online? And which teacher would you recommend that is as thorough as Mr. Hummel? TIA
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