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  1. Oh don't get me started on what Ma and Pa say about the Indians. My daughter gets really sad because we've read a lot of nice books about Native Americans. She loves these books but I'm not sure I'll buy the rest. We're definitely having a lot of discussions about how people treated the Natives and about how some of the parenting decisions are unfair.
  2. Ohhhh I never knew about that agenda. That makes a lot of sense! And yeah I can't believe that every time they start to settle into a place, he forces them to move again. At least in the big woods, they were near family.
  3. My daughter really likes the books, so we're just discussing things as they come up. I know people really were expected to act like this back then, but it's infuriating haha. My daughter was genuinely horrified by the description of what people used to do on Sundays. No coloring books in the pews back then!
  4. We're reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and I forgot how much they made me want to scream sometimes as a child. I thought maybe I was just remembering them that way because I was a child when I read them, but no. Blonde hair is better than brown hair! Even thinking about disobeying due to unforeseen extreme circumstances means you get yelled at! You have to give all of your new special beads to your baby sister who can't even wear them or else you're selfish! Everything is so over-the-top authoritarian and if Laura doesn't act like a perfect saint with no material attachments, she gets ca
  5. Thank you so much for explaining that they do introduce the pairs later on! I tried to Google info about it and didn't find anything useful, just generic reviews, and didn't see that when I searched through the book. We're halfway through lesson 8. At best we can get through half a lesson a day. The rhyming exercises are I think the only part she really struggles with, even though she's figured out how to do them. She sounded out a CVC word the other day without stopping between the sounds and I almost cried.
  6. So I got the 100 EZ Lessons book and it's going better but still like pulling teeth. She hates the rhyming exercises so much that she almost cries, but she gets everything quickly once she actually puts in a solid effort. (I'm genuinely wondering if she has my ADHD at this point because we did 3 of the little exercises in 10 minutes today before needing to stop and getting her to focus for that long was a Herculean effort). She did ask to start learning math so I got the Singapore Essentials book and she LOVES it. Still hard for her to focus, but she asks to do it every day (I make sure w
  7. I'm sure you weren't intending to be hurtful, but that was incredibly insensitive when I expressed in this thread that I have an only child and it says in my signature that both her siblings are dead.
  8. Yeah, we can afford a condo but they all allow smoking and I have severe asthma. I'm not willing to take the risk that we end up next to a smoker.
  9. My husband works in a very specific part of the intelligence community. There aren't any jobs for him anywhere else. And we did try to move for years with no success at finding jobs. It's just not happening. We're definitely priced out of the housing market here unless we move 2 hours from the city or inherit money.
  10. Yeah, that's definitely fair. For things to be "affordable," his commute would be two hours. And the school districts out there aren't any better. And I have a lot of issues with the way things are run even in the good schools here (and those districts are super expensive). No textbooks, Flocabulary videos, not informing parents when very controversial subjects will be brought up, etc. Transit is so ridiculous around here that moving even just a little further out doubles the commute time without decreasing the cost of living enough to be worth it. I really wish we could move further out but I
  11. I'm not sure where you're getting that because I've responded to several suggestions by saying they sound like good ideas and I'll look into them. Tutoring, co-op classes, etc. If it becomes obviously worth it, I'm willing to invest in a laptop. The fact is that without owning a house here, I can't provide childcare without violating my lease, which I'm not willing to do. That's not me refusing to listen to ideas.
  12. True, but we'd likely move to a studio if we stayed in the area and I think all the apartment complexes here forbid childcare. Of course, DH is 33 now so it's not like he's going to drop dead tomorrow, God willing. If he follows the same track as those relatives (they did smoke and he doesn't so hopefully that is a big factor in his favor), DD would be almost out of school. This isn't something I normally worry a ton about but we all had covid and I know it can cause heart damage so it's on my mind, especially since I might have it again. I'm getting tested today.
  13. I can't watch another kid, unfortunately. Our lease forbids running an in-person business out of the apartment and specifically mentions childcare. Edit: The hybrids are a good idea. My friend teaches art at one. I'll have to start practicing the language somehow.
  14. We have an emergency fund but it's slow going with rent being so high here and we had over $2k of emergency expenses this year. There's always something. Every single year.
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