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  1. I walked a little bit of it when I was in Harper's Ferry, WV (Jefferson's Rock was a bit of a letdown, actually). The trail goes right through the center of town. Something really interesting is that just across the bridge in Maryland is the C&O Canal Towpath trail which goes all the way to Washington, DC.
  2. I'm (another) one of those adults looking to get a classical education after age 40. I've started reading The Well-Educated Mind, and am already finding it more insightful than I anticipated. What I'm wondering now is how I can verify or validate my classical education in a way recognized in the classical learning community. Are there any real options? To be clear, I already have a legal high school diploma as well as two degrees in engineering, so compliance with state homeschooling regulations is pretty much irrelevant for me. I also know that I am likely going into the journey with more general literacy, worldly wisdom, experience, and motivation than the average homeschooled child, so classroom time guidelnes (e.g. two years of X) may not be relevant to how long it would take me to master the same material even if I am not legally required to follow them. I do know that a big part of the journey is the journey itself rather than the diploma at the end, but my mind tends to work in a very process-oriented manner - do this, do that, complete at least eight of the following ten activities, pass the comprehensive examination, then I am done. There is also the problem that since I don't really have a strong background in classics (my Latin is pretty bad, and I never managed to make it all the way through Emma), I'm not really sure how I could realistically track my own progress or write out and sign a credible homeschool transcript for myself (not to mention the obvious conflict of interest in grading my own work). I will also confess a growing interest in possibly becoming a classical teacher someday, and that makes me wonder how I would ever prove my education to a skeptical faculty hiring panel if I didn't go the traditional route in youth. I'd like to be able to say, "I studied classics under Elizabeth D. Robinson from 2021 to 2022, completing all six levels of the St. Augustine Accelerated Remedial Logic curriculum and scoring second place in the Tri-State Classical Rhetoric Bowl Adult Learner Division. I did so well that she sponsored me for the Adult Proficiency Equivalency Diploma in Classical Studies at Trinity Trivium Academy!" rather than, "I read these books and I think I'm better at Latin than I was last year, so I must be classically educated.". In a nutshell, I'm looking for ways to get my classical learning assessed and earn some type of diploma or other learning credential. Can someone point me to organizations, schools, examination boards, or teachers that do this?
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