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  1. Yes please, I've found 4 I am looking at but all I have are reviews to go on. We had our taster session this morning and DS loved it. If anyone has any specific schools they have experience with I would love to hear about them. Thanks
  2. Hi all, First Post and I am desperate for help! DS is 12 and currently in school but during this pandemic I truly feel he has been let down. He has aspergers and whilst academically is OK because he isn't the type to throw chairs etc he is slipping through the cracks. I already know my teaching skills are too limited to give him an excellent secondary education myself but we have been looking at online schools and I am now stuck. We are attending an online class tomorrow with Interhigh but I've had mixed reviews. There is a 3 day pass available to us with Cambridge Online Education we are looking at but there is also Wolsey Hall (they don't offer art courses though) and My Online School. I really need help here because I'm supposed to sit down with my husband tonight ahead of tomorrow's class and I'm swamped. Desperate for advice and experiences! Thanks
  3. I am also querying the best online school to go with. Interhigh doesn't seem to have amazing reviews, MOL seems held in high regard but has fewer subjects, Wolsey Hall has no creative arts section and CHS seems expensive and again their subjects can be flaky. Any up to date advice very welcome!
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